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    Yet Living

    Yet Living
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    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    You can buy nitrous oxide "whippets" for making whipped cream very easily at a good head shop, catering supply store or online. You'll need a whipped cream maker or a 'cracker' and balloon to discharge them. It's commonly considered not a good idea to inhale automotive nitrous as, while...
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    The foul-language-spewing angry ouija board troll of my teenage experience was called 'Jojo'.
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    National Rail Enquiries tweet

    ... and a little local humour ....
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    National Rail Enquiries tweet

    And an update from the local rag: Police Believe It Was A Hoax
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    India's Lepcha tribe may lose Kanchenjunga ritual

    The gods are angry .... [edit - to clarify - this happened in September 2011]
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    National Rail Enquiries tweet

    Shepley had a big black cat report a few years ago too, I believe it made it into an FT ABC round-up, but I can't find anything about it online. By coincidence the last time I was down there, at the end of October 2011, a friend told me about 'pagans' practising in Shepley woods, which is a...
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    Alien Lice v. Knotweed

    I think you might mean what we called 'Convolvulus' when I was a kid?
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    The Placebo Effect

    Morgellons!! *skritch*
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    Dolls, Fetishes, etc., Used in Rituals

    I don't actually know a lot about the doings of yer 'pagans', as such, but I expect trees in general do have a particular significance for 'em, with the whole 'nature' thing. Just about all systems of magic(k) use 'correspondences' - certain plants/stones/metals/colours/numbers etc signifying...
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    Dolls, Fetishes, etc., Used in Rituals

    I've done such things myself - I do do a little hoodoo from time to time. As you suggest, hair, personal effects, photographs and name papers are generally intended to establish a sympathetic link with the target. It may be possible to determine the intention of the working from the...
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    Yearly Paranormal Camping Trip

    Great write-up. More of this sort of thing!
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    Scientific publications

    Sorry, it wasn't really a serious answer. Obviously they've known about SSRIs since the early 70s, but in my drug addled head that was less than 30 years ago. And neurochemistry existed before that, so it doesn't count. And it's probably just propaganda anyway. But fortunately I don't care.