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    End Times UFOs

    There are definitely plenty of mentions to the Father, to the Son, to the Word, to the Spirit of God or the Holy Spirit, but none of the Trinity as such. Of course, there are plenty of contradictions within the New Testament, which allows for anybody to select verses at his convenience, exactely...
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    Yet Another Socorro Solution?

    I agree that a LEM could never be a valid explanation for the Socorro sighting, except if we were to rewrite history. While the NASA space program being far from as open public as sometimes claimed to be, and probably retaining secret parts, the object seen by Zamora was so removed from anything...
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    End Times UFOs

    But in this respect, every Christian is an heretic, as they all believe in made-up beliefs which are not present in the Scriptures (Jesus being God, the Trinity, eternal damnation in Hell etc...). For the rest, the OP's first post exemplifies what distinguishes an interpretation of anomalous...
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    Syria: Massacres, False Flags, Backroom Diplomacy & Endtimers

    Unfortunately, I believe that he and other pro-Kurdish fighters are only the butt of the joke played by Western rulers. It is difficult to doubt that US forces and their proxies are only claiming to fight the remnants of Daesh in Syria ...
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    'Six Degrees Of Separation'

    Which puts you at three from Hitler, and at five from Stalin. And, so at one more from Khrushchev, Malenkov, Beria (maybe less, if Ribbentrop had met some of them), and in fact all important Bolshevik leaders, like Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Bukharin.
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    Saudi Arabia's Oil & The Leverage It Affords KSA

    Another take on the Kashoggi disappearance : Well, whatever happened, the Turks, who have seen worse, are a bit too talkative, and at the same time well informed... Their game is nor innocent, nor motivated by honnesty. And the mad rush on Mohammed...
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    'Six Degrees Of Separation'

    It's been said before in the tread that anybody having a close link with Hitler would be too quite close to Stalin,at only three more steps, including the Führer himself, Robbentrop and Molotov. I believe that the path can be shortened ; I don't know if Molotov met Hitler, but as far as I know...
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    TWA 800

    But videos of exploding racing cars, using a fuel closer to kerosen, do not show significantly different explosions. Having reviewed the whole case, I am left with the opinion that defintiely, what looked like a conspiracy was one (the state of the wreckage, I can't say, as some have put...
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    The Mandela Effect: False Memory

    While false memories are usuallu given as a convenient explanation for the Mandela effect, I believe that it mssing important sides of the phenomenon. We know how it can be really frustrating to trace a book, a film or a TV series episode (notably in the case of old SF-fantasy anthologies which...
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    Sleep Walking & Unconscious Nocturnal Activity

    Updates on the developments of the story(ies) ; first, a father was cleared of accusations of rape on his daughter as he was aslept when it happened ...
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    I don't see where the relevance of that lies. What mainstream media report is definitely slanted, and I don't see that it prevents many people from citing them. What matters is the information reported in the article and its pertinence. It's too interesting to note that the mainstream media have...
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    The Pascagoula (Mississippi) Abduction

    I believe that there is a simple explanation : the elusiveness of UFOs, and in fact of all paranormal phenomena. While often ostensible and even provocative, they have a definitive aversion to leaving any tangible or incontrovertible evidence of their presence. Trying to monitoring them with...
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    The Pascagoula (Mississippi) Abduction

    Hallucinations don't happen this way. In addition, while it is true that some aerial apparitions look like a caricature of future but foreseeable technology, flying disks and spheres themselves were never a piece of prospective technology nor part of public expectations. While it is true that...
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    Oooo, what a bad man !
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    A breakthrough in an already quite forgotten case ? It seems a bit late to be revealed, but Poroshenko's decision to end the Treaty of Amity between Russia and Ukraine may have been a factor in the Russian decision : Russia...