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    Animal Communicators: How Do They Do That?

    Your assumption that there is no value to animal psychologists derives from the belief that animals have no minds? Or that they have minds that work in exactly the same way ours do and so there is no value in trying to specialise in understanding their thought processes? Either would suggest...
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    Stone Stacks (Inukshuks, etc.)

    A bit prosaic but could they be road markers? Not knowing about the roads in question it's hard to make any real judgement but especially out in shifting-sands type of terrain there would be a lot of sense in having some kind of recogniseable road marker. If the roads are relatively modern...
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    Accounts Not Meshing

    We should think of it as an opportunity to think up new and even more off the wall handles...
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    Accounts Not Meshing

    I do wonder whether the system tried to integrate with our existing profiles somehow (or as part of the changeover an attempt was made to do this) and that is why everyone's usernames appear to be taken. I mean it seems unlikely that the world could be full of web site users using names like...
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    Accounts Not Meshing

    I think I have finally jumped through all the requisite hoops that mean I might actually be allowed to post. It's only taken since last Wednesday to sort it out. Way to punish your long-term users, FT. Anyways, before Dennis shot themselves in the foot I used to be Breakfast and it would be...
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    The First Americans

    They want to be careful with that. Heaven only knows how long your footprints might last if you really dig your heels in...
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    This is a very interesting account. In another Deveraux book (unfortunately I don't recall which- it's some years since I read it) he talks about getting a strong pulse in one frequency band (possibly EM rather than sound) when the sun hit the stones of another circle, probably Castlerigg.
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    Early Humans In Mexico

    What happens in a peer journal if all your peers refuse to review something because it doesn't fit? My feeling is that the dating is sound because they are well aware of how controversial this is and it sounds like they've done everything they can to bulletproof it. There will still be a huge...
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    Conclusive Proof on Anything Paranormal?

    I think you're correct. The right continent, mind, which is what the controversy was about...
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    Conclusive Proof on Anything Paranormal?

    Some major archeological orthodoxy took a serious hit today with the story about 40000 year old footprints in the US - not paranormal but an area where anyone suggesting that there had been pre-clovis colonisation of the American continent has been labelled a kook by the academic establishment...
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    Early Humans In Mexico

    This really made me smile. A lot of serious american archaeologists are going to be feeling very stupid now, as they sit down to a plate of their words with a side order of humble pie...
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    Mining - The Refutation of Prehistoric Technology & Civilisation?

    I was thinking about this last night for some reason and I was struck by a questionable assumption: Would it not be possible to have a technologically advanced society that got by without metals at all- one capable of living in a less resource-intensive way and basing their technologies on...
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    No, you get told someone is going to die. You don't really want to meet them too much.
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    Merlin on the radio

    Not sure if this belongs here but the dragon in the land is an EM theme if anything is, so I'll mention that Radio 4's excellent In Our Time was talking about Merlin this week. More here
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    No, it could be quite rationally if you held a forked hazel twig above the keyboard and let it's twitching press the keys to create your search terms...