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    How's The Weather Outside Today?

    Very pleasant in my corner of East Sussex today, highest 24c, no where near the predicted 35c, in fact I can't remember when the temperature ever got to the same as scarey predictions.....
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    Guerrilla Grafting

    Ok, bit late but. I used to work with a chap (wonderful bloke, born into absolute poverty in the East End of London,got evacuated to a farm on the Welsh Borders, never went back to his parents, stories he had !!!) who had his own rose nursery. In Autumn he and his two boys would do "budding"...
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    Christmas 2018

    Not too far from the truth, did'nt get to look for one today, got sent to supermarket to get Yuletide Cheer. After that bout of close quarter combat I had to take myself off to Rye Harbour Nature reserve for a few hours. The waders, wildfowl and other birdlife there is quite incredible.
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    Well Dressed Man On Top Of A Dead Horse

    Interestingly, many large cities had a huge problem towards the end of the horse era, ie, so much dung, some towns never cleared it up, some did a bit, still see many boot scrapers that were built into houses by the front door. In some cities there were dung piles 10's of feet high, the stench...
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    Christmas 2018

    I think I still have a few bottles of Christmas ale I knocked up about 7 or 8 years ago. Very dark, lots of roasted barley, hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice. Last time I tried it about three years ago there were hints of chocolate, it evolves over time. I'll look in the shed or...
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    Christmas 2018

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Did someone say Christmas songs, probably the most pagan version of a traditional hymn there is.
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    Bigfoot / Sasquatch In North America

    Yep, that's a 'squatch, you can tell because the couple are holding on to each other because they know they are about to be torn limb from limb, and they've obviously forgotten about the kids, typical mother not thinking of her kids....oh wait, maybe not. What I would give to fly-fish rivers...
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    Newly Discovered: Previously Disputed Or Merely Alleged Species

    Exactly, "no such known", but there have been reports in the PNW of giant salamanders.
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    Newly Discovered: Previously Disputed Or Merely Alleged Species

    So with this one and the Hellbender (up to 70cm) found in some Eastern States of US, the Chinese Giant Salamander (historically up to 1.8m) and the Japanese Giant Salamander (historically up to 1.5m). Now if someone could have a good old look about for the giant salamander reported from the...
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    But Why Don't We Do It ?

    Timing belt was common to both on that one.
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    Films Better Than The Book ?

    So I logged out, browsed a few sites, checked ((youtube)), 4 recommendations for the new and old Dune films, I thought I'd turned off all the spy stuff on my laptop/phone/tablet, obviously not. Why are the security service's not this good?.
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    But Why Don't We Do It ?

    Because you think it will never happen to you. I would'nt dream of going over the recommended millage for my taxi cam belt, (my income, expensive getting it fitted but more so if buggered) but I might think about it if I had my own personal car. Had it happen to one of my own cars in the days of...
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    Bigfoot / Sasquatch In North America

    I've been listening to a few of the more "respectable" Bigfoot (and Dogman) podcasts lately, most callers seem quite honest and straitforward ,some seem to be still quite upset/confused/angry/emotional about their sightings. Many of the people are outdoors men and women, they often seem to be...
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    ‘The Storm’: Trump To Bust Open 'The Deep State'

    Q predicted this :boss:
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    Films Better Than The Book ? know what happens to heretics don't you?........................................ok, so if you saw the film then read the book it might help you visualise some of the characters (great casting actually), better than the book no, but it does complement it.