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  • I'm developing tinnitus now (a sort of permanent hissing in the ears) so I can no longer tell if I can hear any background hum
    I used to live in Japan and felt numerous earthquakes so can rule that out- this was definitely man-made in comparison.
    I was later told there had been military missile tests at sea but am at a complete loss as to why any anti-ship missile should have this deep effect. This is what it was explained as in local media reports
    - accompanied by a sensation of sonic reverberation -not unlike a bass speaker in a club - all around- open territory. it happened at least 4-5 times with a duration of 4-5 seconds at a time. I thought- a truck must have shuddered by on the road- but nothing was there.
    Hi Cochise- I experienced these 'pulses' through the ground on the Lleyn peninsula too. I was working in the garden all afternoon and felt them shudder through my legs. They were regular and felt like the feedback from an amp when you take the guitar out....but definitley regular so not natural.
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