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    A Neatly Fortean Coincidence

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    A Neatly Fortean Coincidence

    Hi there. I used to post here like fifteen years ago. At the time I lived in London, as did a few other posters who tended to post here in the Chat section. A few of us became quite good friends and socialised frequently. Then, about twelve years ago, I moved to Gothenburg in Sweden, and I...
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    Let Me In

    I've heard from a friend who is a big fan of the original that this remake is even better - very similar in tone with better set-pieces and better acting. One in the eye for the remake haters, but there we go, it has to work out some time. Loved the book. Very interesting take on the genre...
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    Eerie East London

    I spent a couple of years living in East London, for my sins (as close in as Bethnal Green and as far out as Walthamstow) and it IS a strange place, although the twin factors of urban decay and hipsterness rub uncomfortably against each other a bit too much and take the edge off any real...
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    I saw this film last night. Quite good. It's a remake of a Danish movie called Midsommer IIRC
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    Charlie Brooker's DEAD SET

    Friend of mine went to a review screening and absolutely loved it
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    What Music?

    I've been alternately listening to Portico Quartet (nice jazz), Mundo (Texan dubstep) and Trummor och Orgel (Swedish psych)
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    One Eye Grey

    It appears that the latest issue of One Eye Grey is either out or coming out soon: details are on the website. It's a London penny dreadful - some excellent ghost stories and folk tales in the last issues. FT gave them a favourable...
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    Haunted Mansion

    There could be many reasons why he'd taken out a mortgage. Someone with a sound business mind probably wouldn't buy an expensive property outright if they thought it was going to plummet in value. I don't think this is the reason for the story. Maybe to raise his profile, or maybe he just...
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    Scully and Mulder return!

    What an enormous disappointment it was.
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    The R.I.P. Thread

    Aw crikey! Isaac Hayes. It is very hard to be really sad about his death, although it (and his decline over the last few years) is a real loss - as whenever people think of him, they will remember his music, and smile. Obviously this is all about personal taste, but his music is some of...
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    Male Circumcision

    although how many people WOULD talk about it, even if they were very happy with it? "Let me tell you all about my unadorned glans. No knob cheese for me, no sir." *sound of teacup being dropped*
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    Alan Moore's Watchmen

    Robert Downey Jr isn't playing The Comedian, though. I think it looks amazing but MY GOD, that music. It's as if the early part of the 21st century never happened.
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    Male Circumcision

    Out of interest, how do you feel about the numerous families who take their baby sons to be circumcised outside of any religious requirements - for reasons of health and hygiene?
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    Tech Help

    *penny drops* I think that allowing cookies may end your pop-up woes.