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    Strange Folk

    AnonyJooz- good point but my bad as I forgot to mention he was in a brown habit, calve length- looked like coarse wool.. The Monastery at Stratton is Downside, I think Benedictine and they wear Black, usually down to ankles. We used to have a priest from the community at our church, don't see...
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    Oops! The Silly Mistakes Thread

    Switch the font colour to white really winds people up. If you have the time try resetting spellchecker. Dutch works well, better than French. USA English is to subtle for an immediate reaction but can lead to long term exasperation.
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    A Fun Little Nature-Themed Happening. AKA: Too Much Anthropomorphising

    My Black dog has recently started growing white eyebrows, this has given him a slightly quizzical look which is rather appealing, particularly when he cocks his head sideways and looks up at you ( sorry this sounds like a certain late royal princess). We are also getting through more Scooby...
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    Minor Strangeness

    Guess what has been my earworm all day? Edited to say since about 07:00 long before I looged into this site!
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    The Everlasting Mystery Of Teaspoons

    My mothers cat used to bring home random bits of clothing- usually socks, but the odd knickers occasionally. I think size was an issue as he was quite small and ladies around there tended towards more robust underwear. May be Trish is being targeted by a crack squad of domestic animals?
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    Time Or Dimensional Slips

    Zebs, I share your unease about that gap, its definitely a bit wonk*. Not keen on the way the dark trees are reaching over the path either- I 'd probably deviate from the well trodden path here. Great that someone was able to give us some context for this story though, nice pictures. Hope the...
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    Scientist Believes She’s Found The Recipe For Ancient Roman Concrete

    Great find MO, any idea where this tidal lagoon will be?
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    What is a Turtle neck Dickey? sounds a bit dodgy
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    Beware Liquorice / Licorice!

    I drink Liquorice and mint tea- there is a warning on the box not to drink more than 2 a day. it is much nicer than it sounds.
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    Ghost Or Demon?

    This puts me in mind of something I was listening to on R4 Saturday, apparently there is some political angst in France at the moment about protecting the natural noises of the countryside. Many people unfamiliar with the racket that surrounds us country dwellers are calling for action to get...
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    The Friend Who Wasn't There

    so many people on here had unhappy times at school, I wonder if there is link between this early negative experience with authority and our need to question, assess and exam the experinces of others without rushing to judgement. Sorry- that sounds pompous- went to a very intimidating girls...
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    Strange Folk

    I swerved to avoid him, did not see him in rear view mirror but it is a very narrow hedgelined bendy road. However, I think he was real as a collegue saw him or another one like him on the Friday wandering across the main road in Shepton. She was struck by his apparent unconcern for any...
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    Minor Strangeness

    I used to have one in my garden by the kitchen door, and it was my first thought- but no sign if anything like this plant. This was a more a more "rounded" smell than the plant I used to have, like someone had made a proper curry, ground spices etc. My curry plant was a slivery green with...
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    Minor Strangeness

    A little evening oddness, walking the hell hound through fields last night about 20:00. Beautiful quiet evening, Birds warbling, cows mooing, grass swishing etc. Following a footpath through a field of tall grasses when I encountered a strong smell of curry, this distinct and rather pleasant...
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    Strange Folk

    Thursday 20th around 16:30, thanks to various road closures and a wilful satnav I found myself lost in the little lanes around Shepton Mallet. Driving round a particularly tight bend I was confronted by a pale young man with a Monks habit around his waist in the middle of the road. He had long...