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    London Underground Oddness

    It happened to a friend of mine 15 years ago - having failed to kill her, the attacker tried again on the next platform. and to make things worse, having been detained...
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    A15 Lincolnshire Road Ghost (Ruskington/Sleaford)

    Weirdness / overimaginative children / return of a Urban Myth, this week, at a playing field alongside the A15 about a mile and a half south of the turn off. "Boys chased in park by Killer Clowns" Sleaford Standard
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    FT 379

    My memory is that it was a short animation shown in a daytime break between programmes, as other PIFs were. I'd have been about 10 at the time. Edit - having had a look on youtube I think it was the "Action after Warnings" segment of Protect and Survive. And it was some years before "Threads"...
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    FT 379

    Maybe it wasn't part of the specific suite of Protect and Survive pifs, but I distinctly remember seeing an animation about the effects of fallout (it had electronic music and the fallout was represented by little dots swarming across the screen) as a standalone item on TV some considerable time...
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    Burglaries & Other Crimes Facilitated By Toxic Gas Or Anaesthetic Agents

    Not just celebrities it would seem, but people from Kings Lynn: Camper van couple ‘gassed by thieves’ on dream road trip A couple are cutting short a dream road trip after a break-in at a French service station during which they believe they were “gassed”. Pete Gosling, 26 and Lauren Hubbard...
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    More Drone Persecution

    Reading the story more closely, 'at the weekend he said he saw about six drones' is ambiguous. Six drones at once, or one drone on six occasions over 48 hours?
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    More Drone Persecution

    Or is it? Something's going on, but what? Man claims home plagued by midnight drone pests Police are appealing for help finding the person flying drones in Brandon in the middle of the night. A man has told police how his home was plagued by drones that hit his windows and interfered with his...
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    FT 374

    K-9 in the UK would almost always refer only to Dr Who's 1970s robot dog. 'Canines' would be a bit too 'scientific' for a news report.
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    Psycho (Maskelyne's Whist-Playing Automaton)

    there's *a* version of Psycho seen from about 30 minutes into this episode of Paul Daniels' show. Paul Daniels Magic Show
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    FT 370

    I turn to the back page first, to see what's in the next issue and when it's out. no idea why.
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    FT 370

    Mebyon :)
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    FT 370

    On the other hand, he did report (in a letter to New Scientist) what he believed to be a meteorite impact and gave a brief description of an associated crop circle in 1963
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    FT 370

    Though it's a good article, I was a bit disappointed that the Arthur's Seat coffins piece was recycled more or less verbatim from one of Mike Dash's Smithsonian blog posts of about 6 years ago. Jeff Nisbet's 'new theory' involving gypsies and ancient Egyptian customs was a real stretch of credulity.
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    Miscellaneous Ghost Photos & Videos

    A drive through a Norfolk market town may seem an odd thing to want to film, but other videos on the uploader’s page suggests he’s made a bit of a hobby of it, with no suggestion of the paranormal. What is strange (and only identified by commenters, not by the original uploader) is what happens...
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    The Mandela Effect: False Memory

    The 1973 'bike' Hovis advert had a Yorkshire accented voiceover, possibly by Joe Gladwin who played Wally Batty in 'Last of the Summer Wine'. Except that it didn't, it had a Westcountry voiceover. What did have a Yorkshire voiceover was a 1978 parody of the advert by the Two Ronnies, but is that...