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    How's The Weather Outside Today?

    Raining again this morning. 3 Saturdays in a row, the grass is going to be a foot long before my lawn is dry enough to mow at this rate.
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    Weird Sex

    Gives a new dimension to the usual sniggering when penetration testing is mentioned!
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    Welcome to the forum! :) Not to speak for our esteemed mod (EnolaGaia) but I think he was just asking you not to send a general enquiry by private message. It looks like you may have inadvertently sent the message he quoted only to him via the private message system. Be a shame if you left over...
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    Growing Old—Death Approaches!

    I tried to give up my seat in the bus shelter the other day - the rain was something to behold with wonder at the time - but the late middle aged lady totally got the wrong end of the stick and thought I was frightened of her dog. I wouldn't have minded except this was utterly ridiculous as her...
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    Weird Tales From Reddit

    Perhaps the owner likes to pray while listening to Beethoven or Berlioz! Or, more probably, Bach?
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    The Continuing Insult To The English Language

    I use "master" when addressing cards to my youngest relatives. After they reach 16 I switch to "Mr". Until recently I have had no young female relatives to write to, I shall have to give it some thought. I hadn't realised that I am apparently old fashioned in this way until reading this thread!
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    Quitters & Shape-Shifters: Last Words & Reincarnations

    All words are made up, Swifty, just some more recently than others! :-)
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    Quitters & Shape-Shifters: Last Words & Reincarnations

    Graylien I think. Pity, I always used to enjoy his posts.
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    Nowadays What Are Libraries For?

    Politics aside, as that's a whole other can of worms, the decline in usage is probably a self fulfilling prophecy insofar as some libraries (in the UK at least) seem to be scrambling to service the lowest common denominator with, as Zebs and others have noted, an excess of fiction and a limited...
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    Nowadays What Are Libraries For?

    Yes, I am glad I didn't try to make a career there. I was quite the socialist when I was younger, and very public service oriented, now I am a wicked capitalist working as a systems programmer. Likewise but there's only so many books that fit in a house!
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    Nowadays What Are Libraries For?

    I have always been a huge fan of libraries. So much so that my first job after I left school was in the public library service. However in recent years I must admit to being very disappointed with the state of the service. Our county library service has decided to expire membership every 3...
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    About A Stone

    Should keep it in perspective though. It is theft but plants grow back and very few plants can be harmed by having a small amount of material removed. It is not something I would do either but others on this thread have admitted to things that sound more serious to me. A lot of plants are now...
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    A Million Messages

    The known universe will implode, or the simulation will end and a line of text will appear in front of your eyes: "New Game+"
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    Strange Bus Journey

    I seem to have forgotten to reply to your questions - sorry! Number of regulars: 13-17. It has been a couple of years but I've just written out a text file with my personal mental-nicknames for them to check the numbers. As you rightly suspected, the numbers vary a little day to day. I've...