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  • Congratulations to the Mastermind Champion 2015 - the best person won.
    In which state of the United States was President Kennedy assassinated in Texas?
    Jar Jar was pure CGI, Yoda was the Muppet. Him and Salacious Crumb.
    How do you know if someone shops at Waitrose? Don't worry, they'll tell you.
    Oops, I misspelled Hemmings, but "hermmings" sounds like the noises a latter stages Hemmings made.
    I'm going for the full latter stages David Hermmings with my eyebrows.
    If you can get one who believes in a gang of thieves why can't you get business chieves wearing pairs of brieves?
    FT reviewed It Follows this month, but they might have covered The Babadook when it was out at the pictures last year.
    Ba... ba... dook... dook... dook... knocks Mama into a cocked hat. Whatever that is.
    Can you get Cointreau Jaffa Cakes? If not, a gap in the market, right there.
    I don't want to live in a world where a dog driving a car isn't funny.
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