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    Evil entity in the office?

    I've decided to post on here as someone who is open-minded about the paranormal, yet probably a little cynical about most aspects. Indeed, I'd say I'm cynical about the very event I'm about to relay, but I think it might be appreciated by those who read this thread and I would be interested to...
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    I saw a ghost tonight

    It probably was just some pots and pans slipping or something, stacked washing up in my kitchen will sometimes slip and make a clutter, startling me. But still, I wouldn't have gone back either! :shock:
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    What are your favourite IHTM stories?

    Personally I enjoy stories much more on here if I believe them. If I want to read make up stories, I'll get a ghost story book :P
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    What are your favourite IHTM stories?

    Yes, I do agree that the waitress one is far too cliched and has too many gaps to be true. I did enjoy reading it though. Although not as much as reading the creepy ones that do appear true! I mean it can't be possible that every person here on FT are skilled (or not) writers of fiction, no? :)...
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    What are your favourite IHTM stories?

    Oh my word, I just read the one about the waitress.... it's given me the massive creeps!!! Like out of a horror film, can't think of any explanation if it's true!! :shock:
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    What are your favourite IHTM stories?

    I remember the green baby one! One that has always stuck in my mind is about two young men being chased by a big black dog with glowing red eyes. Brilliant, terrifying read... but a little unbelievable. Was prob just a dog!
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    "Gnome" video, and my friend's "gnome"

    Eek, sorry! The truth is I haven't been on FT for months and that story made me think to come here. I'm going to stay around and catch up now!
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    "Gnome" video, and my friend's "gnome"

    Gnome video So what does everyone make of this video? it was on the sun website. Yes, i know, it's the sun, but I think it's very interesting. Some Spanish kids are messing about, one making a mobile video, then towards the end a strange gnome- like creature starts running towards them...
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    I Saw Something Yesterday

    I'm disappointed that people on here are taking the mick out of this guy's literacy skills. One of the reasons I joined here was because everyone is so nice! Just let him share his story and cut the snarky comments!
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    Haunted Hotels

    Creamstick, thanks for sharing that story, it chilled me! Reading it, i kinda thought that the footsteps and door knocking was likely to have been a teacher or a class mate playing tricks... but what makes this story seem authentic is the strangely unreasonable leves of fear you obviously felt...
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    Fake Old People

    Journalist in the shoes of an old person for the day, or someone in a play, or film?
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    Nobody I know on Tuesday - everybody I know on Thursday

    Coincidence is a strange thing,especially when it comes to bumping into people. For the last couple of months I've had a "casual" relationship with a nice young man that goes to the same university as me. I became quite besotted with him, and had liked him since I met him. Throughout the...
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    *shivers* That's the oldest urban myth in the book. Still very unnerving though!
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    Clocks Gone Haywire

    The clock in my Grandad's kitchen stopped on the minute of his death.
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    Supermarket Blues

    Oooh, i drive past there during my driving lesson every week! Next time i will be having a much closer look!