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    Minor Strangeness

    The missing roast reminds me of the time years ago when I left a chicken on the bench to defrost. Next morning it was nowhere to be found. We had no pets and there was only a space a couple of centimetres wide at the back of the bench where some backing had to be finished, not wide enough for a...
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    Cats & People—What Are They Like?!

    My youngest said this morning that the vet had put their cat to sleep. She had been a stray when they adopted her a couple of years ago and has had multiple problems ever since. The vet said this time it was better for her to go to sleep as he thought she was probably about 16 or 17 although...
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    Minor Strangeness

    Sometimes it's the eyesight too misjudging distances. Our craft group went out for lunch at a nearby hotel yesterday and one of the leaders, who is 93, fell heavily coming up the two steps to the dining area. When the ambulance eventually came they took a long time checking her and she had...
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    Ouija Experience

    My mother had 3 girls and her 2 sisters had boys, I had 3 girls and my sisters had boys, my eldest has girls and my youngest has a boy.
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    Ouija Experience

    Yes it was. As is usual in my family the eldest has girls and the other siblings have boys.
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    Ouija Experience

    On the one occasion I used one with neighbours I tried mentally to spell out the boy's name we had decided to use if the child I was carrying was male. When we each touched the glass it was like an electric current ran down my arm and it spelled out the name we had chosen if the child was a...
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    The Unwhinge Thread

    Last week 2yr old grandson fell off the bed and hurt his arm. When they took him to hospital as he was in pain, it was difficult to get a good xray but they thought he had fractured the elbow and put on a temporary cast. He was due to get the permanent one today but I had said to make sure they...
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    People Who Foresee Their Own Death

    The last couple of years of my Mother's life she used to say that she had been here too long. She died at 76 which seemed rather early.
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    Minor Strangeness

    Awhile ago I read something about some garage door openers messing with certain electronics. I don't suppose someone near could have got a new one?
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    Jehovah's Witnesses Weirdness

    Actually I haven't seen any of them since.
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    Is This Coincidence, Fate... Or Something Else?

    Ulalume I noticed this extreme sociability with some religious groups as well. When I was younger I visited several religious groups friends had joined. Although they didn't know me they were very very friendly, giving hugs and kisses although I had never met them before which I found a bit...
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    Jehovah's Witnesses Weirdness

    I think they have to put in a certain amount of hours each month. The last time some came it was an older lady and her daughter. She asked if she could have cuttings of some of my plants so I got a bag and obliged, giving her some garlic seedlings as well.
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    Or a giant emerging from the earth.
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    What Did You Dream Of Last Night?

    Last night I dreamt that I was in Millers- a cut price clothing shop. There was a great crowd of people with sale items and then a murmur of consternation as the assistant announced they were no longer taking cash payments, only cards.
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    Jehovah's Witnesses Weirdness

    Years ago we used to get the Jehovas knocking on the door all the time. One time when I was pregnant one actually came by himself and I had a chat with him, finishing by saying that I thought there were many paths to God. The next time there was a carload of them and when I asked where Vince...