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    The Scariest Fortean Thing Ever To Happen To You

    Not the scariest fortean thing, but something that has stayed with me: in 1994, i was 8 years old and my year group had been taken on a school trip from south london to the village of Shere in surrey. It was a beautiful place - it felt like a thousand miles from home and i now realise it really...
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    Giving Up On FT

    I can't tell if it's the exact same profile, but the IG i found first posted on 17th October (at least that's the earliesr post) and the website it directs you to does seem to be the real FT website, so i'm hopeful it's the real thing
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    Giving Up On FT

    Oh no - if it's fake then it's pretty good to be honest & probably something that should be given a go by the real FT!
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    Giving Up On FT

    The instagram looks pretty good - if it's legit then a good way to get word of it out there
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    Giving Up On FT

    I just found Fortean Times on instagram - is that the official page? Digital downloads of mags & a great looking mug! Looks like the FT has been hashtagged over 1,000 times - there's an interest in this sort of thing for sure (whispers about ghosts and the like rush around my office from us...
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    You Look Just Like...

    An ex boyfriend used to say i looked like megan fox which pleased me a lot and a different person said that in a film of his life that megan fox would play me. I'll take it happily although i don't quite see it myself!
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    M25 Ghost?

    Fascinating - how long did you see her for? You say she seemed surprised to see you (car, modern clothes), makes me think possible timeslip? Was there anything else odd about the environment (radio signal, mobile reception)? When you see something so out of place it's unnerving (my thread 'a...
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    What Have You Been Doing Today ?

    Done cross country running and boot camp this morning, done a load of washing, listened to some music (Mariah Carey diss of Eminem and his reply, i came to this one 10 years late haha), cooking dinner, fed the cat
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    Giving Up On FT

    I am early 30s - Instagram is my go to place (and my friends - not everyone has facebook anymore, mine was de-activated a long time ago and it seems to be considered a bit old fashioned)
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    Weird Things That Have Multiple Witnesses?

    I am fascinated by things like this - did your son say anything else about before he was born or where/how he followed you?
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    Thomas Cook / Operation Matterhorn

    Hope they manage to get their money back and make other arrangements
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    Thomas Cook / Operation Matterhorn

    Although i had heard rumblings in the media that TC were needing bailout a few months ago, i had already booked my flights (flight only -the accomodation was done seperately), i thought they were a big company and even if one branch of it went down, i thought the TC airline would be profitable...
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    Thomas Cook / Operation Matterhorn

    Has anyone been caught up in this? I was abroad when Thomas Cook went bust so my flights home were cancelled. New flight arranged via the Civil Aviation Authority however on turning up at the airport to check in as instructed, many were told they weren't on The List and would not be going back...
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    Pennies From Heaven

    In February this year, it was 2 years since my lovely grandad passed away. On the anniversary, i spent a few minutes in the morning thinking about him & saying a prayer for those who might need extra comfort that day. Then i left and went to work as usual. I get the bus a few stops before...
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    Funeral Strangeness

    This is incredible, did anyone know who the dog belonged to or where it went? Sounds like the most uplifting thing at such a sad time