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  • Needed a few months off while back to get away from political, religious, athistic, grand standing. Did me good. Presently I try not to read or participate with those treads. Hope this helps.
    A good cocktail or ? can provide a enjoyable dose of positive energy. Hey works for me.
    -30 C is quite cold. this wk-end they call for -6 F ~ = -21 C with the 18" mentioned earlier, fricken...
    Were due for > 18" this weekend, and single digit temps to boot. Pls take it
    X-mass eve let out the stops haven't eaten so much in? and plenty of cocktails as well. Best to fellow Forteans. my youngest still believes pretty cool.
    I'm ready to throw down Swifty, "just kidding" By the way I'd have an awful long swim.
    time for the daily cocktail. question to smoke or drink it, he he.
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