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    Castle - pic

    I clicked on this topic expecting a genuine scary picture of a real ghost, only to be let down.. shame. :( [/b]
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    East Anglia - Most haunted place?

    I'm trying to look it up on Google, but a few people told me a couple of days ago that East Anglia is the most haunted place, but I'm not sure if they're actually right. Has anyone got any information for me?
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    Weird photo from Old Melbourne Goal...

    That looks like a shadow of some sort.
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    Weird photo from Old Melbourne Goal...

    ...I can't see any supposed Ghost.
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    Wedding Ghost Photo

    This doesn't look like an apparition of any sorts to me. It just looks like a combination of smoke and disco lights which have created the image.
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    Strange picture

    It's nothing Ghostly.
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    most haunted places revealed

    East Anglia is reported to being the most haunted place in England. I don't know how true that is though.
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    A Lighthouse Phantom

    I still don't think it's a ghost.
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    A Lighthouse Phantom

    Out of curiosity, was she the only one out there at the time? Could it have been a mate or something out with her? My opinion still stands, but I'm trying to think of what it could really be.
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    A Lighthouse Phantom

    In my opinion that picture kind of looks faked. (Don't take offence.) But, it is kind of creepy nevertheless.
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    Scariest experience you've ever had...?

    Me and my boyfriend went out today, and on the way to a supposed haunted location, (Northwood Park), we decided to tell each other our scary experiences. Whether or not the experiences we had MAY have been our imagination, some of them he told me left tingles down my spine. So, I was...
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    FOAF phone ghost picture

    When I say "real child", I mean it could of come from a different picture that has somehow got onto that picture.. if that makes sense?
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    FOAF phone ghost picture

    No offence, but that picture is definatly a fake. It's either a real child, OR they've photoshopped it.
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    Haunted Hospitals!

    The Royal National Hospital was opened in 1867 to deal with tuberculosis and other chest diseases. Again, the climate of the area was an important factor in its choice of location. The Hospital continued its vital work rehabilitating patients for over a century, until advances in medicine and...
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    Ghosts: Real Or Just Our Imagination?

    Yeah, sure. What I mean is; if you think of something alot, Ghosts for example, is it possible to maybe conjure up something after you've finished talking about them? Maybe "see" something, because you've been talking about it alot, if that makes sense, lol.