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    Earthquake Prediction Advances

    A little bit of evidence pro, in the great 'tidal stresses' debate.
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    Fortean Headlines

    5-year-old papaya seized following 'zombie' meat scandal
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    Day Of The Animals

    It's not just the sharks...
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    And Now—Sport

    Just wow. What a horrible, poetic ending to a gripping match. Laura Bassett...:(
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    And Now—Sport

    Not a peep about England's hard-fought World Cup victory last night, including a dandy strike for the game-winner? Is women's football really not a thing at all over there? I read a Guardian article to that effect. Too bad, it's been a fun tournament so far.
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    Taking trips

    I'm genuinely surprised at the generally negative views put forth here. Yeah, mind-altering substances are intense and definitely not for everyone, but jeez, being in a culture where drunkeness and alcoholism are just an accepted part of modern society, I just can't get too worked up about...
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    From my location, the solar eclipse of 3 November 2013 was only going to be visible briefly as the sun rose. The were clouds obstructing my view, but the sky offered this jack-o-lantern image as a consolation.
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    And Now—Sport

    There's so much going on in world football right now it's not actually possible to keep up. The WWC in Canada. The Copa America, always a highly entertaining tourney, was spiked last night by Chilean star Arturo Vidal crashing his Ferrari, injuring his wife, and being cited for driving under the...
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    Cursed Delphic Treasure in Toulouse?

    By far my best foreign language is German, which maybe I can read at a 2nd grade level. (Though I did manage to spend a week in Paris without ever going into the wrong bathroom once! :D ) Ahem. I have done a little more digging, and if I understand the proposed chronology, it seems unlikely the...
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    I don't understand why people would travel to a place yet be so ignorant (or worse) about the local beliefs and customs of the place they are visiting. That said, agreeing that they are indeed responsible for the earthquake might be carrying 'respect for local beliefs' a bit too far... :o Read...
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    FIFA , Blatter and their entirely legitimate business

    I think it's the definite North Korea vibe that FIFA exuded until just recently that makes the irony of the timing of the release of this hagiography all the more satisfying. I grabbed my popcorn and have been plopped in front of the screen since Loretta Lynch's press conference. Who needs...
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    Cursed Delphic Treasure in Toulouse?

    This is as much an appeal for information as it is presenting it, but I was reading a book that mentioned a legend that treasure from Ancient Greece is sunk in a lake underneath the Basilica of St. Sernin in Toulouse, France. I tried googling to explore the story further, but have come up with...
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    Day Of The Animals
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    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    I may not love a lot about where I live, but the three week lychee season is definitely up there. The orchard I bought this from is a good 45 minute drive away, so I wanted to make the trip worth it. :D
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    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    Like some little migratory bird stuffing its face during the brief summer in the tundra, gorging on fresh-picked lychee.