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    The 'Dog Poo Blossom Tree'

    There is a lady who lives just around the corner from me. Every day she comes shuffling past my house and lets her dog poo on the pavement and shuffles back the way she came. I would tell her off and to pick it up but, for one thing. I also caught her in my front garden once, pulling the...
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    Strange Strangers

    The more you boil sprouts, the more they make you parp. Best to steam them gently and serve them while they still have some bite..........
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    What is this?

    What is this?
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    Strange Strangers

    Yeah. I`ve had them too. I explain to them, how it makes me feel, via the medium of interpretive dance. They always seem to get the message and leave me alone.
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    Did She Really Confirm My Hallucination?

    I sometimes get the faces too. I live in a house with a large cemetery just beyond the front garden and always wondered if it could be the faces of the people buried there coming for a visit. I always get up and make a cuppa if I get an angry/evil stare.
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    Animals 'Naming Themselves'

    My Border Terrorist Evangeline can even spell words now. I once said to my son, " Could you take the D O G for a W A L K " and she knew exactly what I`d said and immediately ran into the hall to fetch her L E A D and B R A ......
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    My Illusions Delusions

    Thank you.
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    My Illusions Delusions

    I enjoyed the story.......
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    All The Lonely People...

    Hope he`s happy wherever he went.
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    All The Lonely People...

    Well.... This is a sad thread. Where has Rynner gone? I love his stories.
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    Humans Unfit For Human Consumption

    I heared you can get a disease called Kuru if you eat humans.
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    Parkinson's Causes You To See Phantom People

    My Dad had Dementia with Lewy bodys and Parkinsons and he saw all sorts of frightening people. Mainly though he saw cats and what he called Sea Cats which he described as looking like Trilobites with fur. They used to scurry arounf the floor trying to trip him up and then they`d climb into his...
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    Stiff, Upper Circle

    When I was a small child, if my parents or grandparents took us to the theatre or even cinema, they`d make us sit through the finishing credits of the film and then stand for the national anthem. :O
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    Stafford Visit :)

    You might remember the Soup Kitchen down St Marys Walk. It`s still there and just as lovely with all their food being home made. Also in the same area, the old college refectory has been made into a group of dinky little shops. And at the back of the old St Johns Market, there is The Market...