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    Breaking news

    Mac OS 10.3.3 and Safari - and its fine
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    Most Interesting Post

    And anyway it isn't always the initial post that's particularly interesting but the discussion (often at a tangent) that leads from it that makes this MB one of the most interesting around. ( And I should know, I never post anything interesting but I've read and learnt so much in the years I've...
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    Fewer Users?

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    Fewer Users?

    It's so easy to just assume that people are reading things the same way you are isn't it. I'm sorry you misunderstood my posting. And you are right, I never want to cause bad feeling but I do get provoked into posting every so often when I (probably by doing as you did and mis-reading a...
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    Fewer Users?

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    Fewer Users?

    Yeh - and always by those who have decided to leave and post on other boards - where they discuss the old arguements that happened on here and then come back to start them all again! Strange world - almost Fortean!
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    Fewer Users?

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    Fewer Users?

    No it isn't - its my considered opinion. I didn't say I knew - I said I thought - something that a lot of people don't seem to do.
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    Fewer Users?

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    Where you at?

    I just wondered why this was in web site issues and not chat?
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    Mac problems?

    Yep me too. Every time I open a new forum or thread I have to refresh the page - it's an automatic thing now.
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    'God's banker': the Roberto Calvi case, ... 38,00.html Plea to Pope from 'God's banker' revealed as murder trial begins From Richard Owen in Rome Calvi's family has long insisted that he was murdered in 1982. They claim Mafia involvement (SYGMA) ROBERTO CALVI, the Mafia-linked...
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    An open letter to Alastair Strachan

    Dear god, this place is turning into a part of the Balkans! Let it go, people.
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    An open letter to Alastair Strachan

    Everything he said! Well done Graylien.
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    The Christian Paradox

    I found these to be more than a little scarey. I can't vouch for the veracity but somehow they ring true.