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    Deep Fried Mars bars were never a myth

    The Haven chippy in Stonehaven has re-opened under new management and is still selling deep fried mars bars. enjoy
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    World's Youngest Criminals

    my 10 point plan in britain:- 1) brats with parent/s, guardian/s put in the stocks for public humiliation for a month (f-ck human rights!) 2) put notices in local areas/papers with names/photos, detailing crimes of the brats 3) employ the guys from singapore with the bamboo canes(?), to...
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    U.S. Sizing Up Iran?

    blair is a bitch/arse licker of shurbs? what shrub wants, blair gives! Thats why
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    New Orleans Evacuated

    To our readers: AFP/Getty Images - Tue Aug 30, 3:47 AM ET To our readers: This photo was removed from Yahoo
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    Useful Applications

    ooer :wink:
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    The Transdimensional Gas Station

    prof. that sounds like its a multiversal scam :wink: every dimension has their own equivilent :D
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    Iraq: Aftermath US soldier jailed in Afghan abuse A soldier from a US military intelligence unit has been sentenced to two months in prison for abusing an Afghan detainee who later died. It is the first custodial sentence given to any US soldier...
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    The Transdimensional Gas Station

    i wonder if the garage owner ever kept a diary? and he wrote a bout the day he had a weird encounter. and kept the money?
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    U.S. Sizing Up Iran?

    by the gods! when will the shrub admin realise, that theyre behaving like spoilt little brats? just send them to the "naughty step/ naughty corner" for a 5 min "time out" until theyve learnt their lesson :roll:
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    Anne Boleyn

    sid james played henry the 8th
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    FT 201

    well my copy arrived today at 6am :shock: my f/mate didnt hear a thing, when it was posted or materialised/teleported onto the mat :_omg: so unless owen has trained a load of ninja polts riding around in ghostly milkfloats delivering the mags like anti-mib's? i havent a clue
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    see emily play

    ive been told seperately by two different people, that pink floyd's song. "see emily play" is 'bout child abuse? can anyone confirm or deny this charge?
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    Animal Collectors ... 167348.stm Farmer jailed over pony cruelty A farmer was jailed for five months and disqualified from keeping animals for life after admitting causing unnecessary suffering to 11 ponies. John Askew, 69, who is known as Brian, from Bacup...