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    Folk Horror

    New film by the makers of the ABC's of horror is all in the folk territory, The Field Guide to Evil:
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    Family Abandons Home Owing To "The Watcher"

    Top 10 Creepiest Quotes from the Watcher
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    Folk Horror

    (partially cribbing my own post at another forum) Just saw Spider aka Zirneklis, a Latvian erotic horror film with a giant magician spider/god thing released through the Mondo Macabre label in the US, and it's one tremendously weird film: ... il-edition...
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    Oh, The Irony

    Erm, it's been all over the news here. He seems like a nice guy, but he's caught up in big forces. Lots of support for him from other artists though.
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    The 'Sharpened Pencils Up The Nostrils Examination' Legend

    My brother works in a college testing facility, and there are extreme heightened emotions around exams, that's for sure.
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    The Weird Duke/Dukes Case In Georgia

    I don't know exactly the best place for this one to go. In 2005 local teacher and former beauty queen Tara Grinstead disappeared and was never seen again. In 2017, after no further leads, Ryan Alexander Duke, who would have been a high school student of hers, was arrested and charged with...
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    Buddhist Funeral Services For Japanese Robot Dogs

    Semi-related: Students set up candlelight vigil for delivery robot which caught on fire
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    Angel Of Mons / Doidge's Angel Hoax

    The most recent Fortean Times (Nov. 2018?) that I read had an article on the Angels of Mons, which had a first person(ish) account that I thought was pretty interesting. In particular, the ball of light that the soldiers followed sounded a lot like a will o' the wisp... the wartime conditions...
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    Was John Wayne Right?

    Texicans was one way the folks referred to themselves at that time...
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    Classic TV Ads

    Just came across these and thought somebody would appreciate seeing them!
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    When Did London Stop Swinging?

    Wow - it lasted much longer than I would have thought... but it did seem like in pop films & tv of that time the Swinging London style was still going.
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    When Did London Stop Swinging?

    We know that in the madcap middle and late sixties, that "Swinging London" was a thing. Swinging London is no longer a thing, though, much as the hippy movement in the Haight, or the NY disco scene, or the 70's punk scene, or the 80's New Wave scene. All this led me to a question: when did...
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    Post-Apocalypse Movies

    I liked it too - an imaginative take on radiation mutations... unfortunately I imagine most people today would only see it as MST3000 fodder
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    Post-Apocalypse Movies

    1955's Day The World Ended shows a very different kind of apocalypse
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    Fortean Films

    Two projects that I helped Kickstarter. The first, an animated film: The second is a piece of live-action whimsy: