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    The Beast of Gevaudan

    This article about a new "giant lion" fossil seems interesting to me because it seems to match descriptions of the Beast quite well, in that it had both lion overall shape and a hyena-style jaw:
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    Potatoes Among Us

    A few other links:
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    Potatoes Among Us

    In that case, here is a short quote:
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    Potatoes Among Us

    I couldn't find a previous thread, but it doubtless exists. But in the odd case that it doesn't: Surprise Spuds: Mysterious Mashed Potatoes Abound
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    Kids Being Given Drugs Instead Of Sweets!

    This is weird - in Georgia, there has been some real drug laced sweets passed about that resulted in people being sent to the hospital:
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    The R.I.P. Thread

    Vale David Farrant of Highgate fame has passed:
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    Are There Reports Of Ghosts Hurting Or Sexually Assaulting People?

    Here is one I hadn't seen before (and I couldn't find previously linked on FTMB)... babycam footage of a baby monitor showing something unitentifiable walking by, and the infant seems to see it. Later she has a mark on her face that is inexplicable:
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    Samuel Pepys

    This may be of interest:
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    FT 377

    In the opening editorial of this issue, it was asked if we think that FT is too skeptic or scientific-y these days as opposed to being more classic Fortean. I would say that yes, the pole has shifted from Fortean neutrality to "skepticism with a sense of humor". Not always, but the pole shifted...
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    Lost Moderator Found: Stu Neville

    Stu Neville will be back in THUNDERMOD
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    Joe Meek & The Talking Cat

    Here is the record, but I have to say that I can't really hear it:
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    Horror Films

    An upcoming horror comedy:
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    Once (1974): Lost(?) Allegorical Fantasy with Marta Kristen

    (I'm totally cribbing my own posts from another board to post this here) While looking up Marta Kristen's career, I came across the existence of a film called ONCE. From the Marta Kristen FANSITE comes this description: Creation (Christopher Mitchum) washes up on a beach. He awakens to find...
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    Strange Deaths

    This happened not far from me. Two brothers (in their 40's) were trying to dislodge their drone from a tree in their house and decided to use a metal pole. Due to mishap, the pole hit a power line and it electrocuted one to death and injured the other...
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    Missing Persons

    Do we have a general thread for missing persons? If not, we should. In any case, I came across this and it seemed odd. Internet personality Hannah Minx was "net famous", made a lowbudget horror film, then disappeared from the face of the earth. DREAD CENTRAL is where I first found the story...