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    Are you going to, Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival?

    It looks like I never did post the links to the videos from my visits in 2010 and 2011. I'll dig out the bear-burning one that I didn't seem to put on YouTube for some reason, but here's the Pig Dyke Molly video I took in 2010: And here's the dance team in 2011...
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    Strange Deaths

    We bought it like that, though whether from an actual shop or from a market stall or street trader I don't remember.
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    Strange Deaths

    I lived in Pakistan for a while when I was a kid, and distinctly remember the kite string we had was pinky-red and covered in some kind of powdered glass or something. Horrible stuff, doesn't take much for it to start cutting into your hands. I assume my parents had no idea that Pakistani kite...
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    Satan's Own Bankers: Chinese Hell Money

    When I was about 10, I went on holiday to Singapore with my family. As one of my souvenirs, I bought a pack containing Hell money, cardboard credit card, and I think a passport and/or chequebook. I thought they were fun and interesting things, but my parents weren't too keen on them.
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    "Bracknell UFO" report in local newspaper ... st-4389376
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    Odd Sayings

    Time to dust off an old thread, I think. Is anyone here familiar with the phrase "you're daft, me duck, you follow balloons"? My mum remembers her mum using the phrase, but we don't really know why. Grandma used to use a lot of odd words and sayings and we're never quite sure if she made...
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    Spills & Sundry Messes

    At lunchtime on Tuesday, here in Berkshire, I noticed a smell that isn't usually in the air in these parts, so I assume it was the French whiff. I thought initially it was probably coming from one of the enormous machines that's been chopping down our woods very close to my office, but then saw...
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    The Whinge Thread, Resurrected

    People signing off emails with "Best" annoys me even more than "BR" or "KR".
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    Swedish toymaker publish 'gender-neutral' christmas catalog

    A few months ago I went on holiday with my friend and her two kids (a boy aged 3, and girl aged 4 months). One of the activities booked for the boy was a Fairies and Wizards party, and before we got there he'd said he wanted to be a fairy. We sort of expected him change his mind when he got...
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    The Devil In Place-Names

    My office is just a couple of hundred metres away from the Devil's Highway, part of a Roman road between Silchester and London. Last year when Swinley Forest/Crowthorne had major forest fires, I think the Highway acted as a firebreak and helped keep the fire away from Broadmoor Hospital so that...
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    Scary Hallucinations?

    Roughly the same kind of time, and weird but considerably more pleasant, I once saw a man in a brown trench coat and dark trilby hat walk past my bedroom window. I think he may also have been wearing sunglasses. This would have been fairly unremarkable if my room was on the ground floor, but it...
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    Scary Hallucinations?

    It was constant for the three or four days the experience lasted
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    Scary Hallucinations?

    I had a rather different hallucination when I was in my mid teens, and suffering from severe depression (which I'm sure was the cause, though I don't know what prompted it to start). The squeamish might like to skip the rest of my post. I can't remember exactly how old I was, probably 16...
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    The March Of Technology

    I watched it yesterday and was enthralled. Partly by the walking machine thing itself, which looked amazing though slightly creepy in the way it moved, but mainly because it had been produced on a 3D printer. I've looked at them in the past and really want one, but I don't know what I'd actually...
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    Jimmy Savile

    I don't think Brady was ever in Broadmoor. If he was, it probably wasn't for very long as he's spent a long time in Ashworth. Though I can confirm that Jimmy Savile did indeed used to visit the hospital quite frequently - he's even on a LP recorded at the hospital in the 70s (see here...