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    dog head

    dog head
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    Dog-Headed Men (Cynocephali)

    I have a Werewolf doll from the second Narnia movie that I have meant to photograph in order to show it to you. I think it looks remarcably as the descriptions of the Michigan Dogman and the Bray Road Beast. I am pretty sure most of you have seen the movie and all, but perhaps you haven't seen...
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    Curious Phobias & Irrational Fears

    I think I already posted this, but I sometimes get terribly affraid of UFO and astronomical pictures, I feel like they hurt my eyes. Also, circular and lenticular shapes, specially high contrast ones, make feel an almost physical reaction on the eyes. I have to be really calmed when watching...
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    Weird Sex

    At least I hope they pick someone with nice legs, just to be accurate.
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    What We AREN'T Being Told About Smoking

    And what about those clove cigarrettes? I used to love them, but I can't find them here in Mexico. I wonder how bad they are, since they really are very good :D
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    The Sigil Disposal Chute

    I totally forgot about my sigil until I saw this post again. When I get home I'll scan it. Now I have a new PC and stuff. so I guess it worked after all.
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    The Sigil Disposal Chute

    I have it, I just have to find a way to convince the tech-guys that I really, really need to use the office scanner.
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    The Sigil Disposal Chute

    I'll give it a go. I am in desperate need of good news.
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    Delgado's Mysterious Rotor—Any Links?

    I made one of those after checking the Reality Hacker website. Sometimes I can make it spin, sometimes I can't. I think it works on a combination of static electrity and variations on equilibrium. Of course, all those explanations become null when you see it spinning inside a glass. So, I am at...
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    Rottweiler Fights Dog To Save Boy

    I have come in close contact with two rottweliers twice in my life. The first one was "Daisy" and she would love to play with my cat, leaving him covered in droll and really pissed, but letting himself being hugged and kissed. The other one is "Nena" (baby girl), a really nice and loving dog who...
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    'Chupacabras' Again?

    That's more like it. Actually, it could be any of the hairless races. There's Chinese, Peruvian, Mexican and maybe some more in the America. Essentially, it's the same type of dog, and sometimes they can be very expensive (and great for people with alergies or reumatism, because they shed no...
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    'Chupacabras' Again?

    That's funny. I am Mexican and I have never heard about "hairless wolves". As far as a I know, Mexican wolves are hairy. :?
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    Are we attracting the Aliens

    That sounds like a great idea for a movie. Invading the Earth in order to protect the Universe from the Borg/Cybermen/Daleks/The Empire or wathever. They may wonder why this small planet seems to have so many powerful enemies that are easily defeated by a hairy guy with a sonic screwdriver, for...
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    Life On Mars?

    And on the topic of that lady on Mars, here's a picture that may show her walking away from the lander. Of course, I have no idea if the picture is real or has been altered. ... tled21.jpg
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    what creature intrigues you the most?

    Dogmen, wolfmen. Any lupine humanoid. It would freak me out blind to see one, but I am fascinated by then. I still watch that dogman video that came out a few months ago and love it. I really want to believe there's something real in it :oops: