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    Humour & Jokes

    Well Sacrebleu, fuck me! Or rather, perhaps not.
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    Identifying Some 1970s Supernatural TV Dramas (UK)

    Does anyone remember the "Thriller" series? This may jog your memories There was another one called "Menace" as well. :eek:
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    The Vapours (From Corsets)

    I have just done a quick search on drug use during the Victorian era so am also very wondering if the liberal use of opium, cocaine and other substances (which affect breathing and heart rate) may have an impact on the corset wearer.
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    Humour & Jokes

    To be honest I think that sounds like a really good superpower.
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    Popular Songs That They Couldn't Write Now

    Found this interesting site on the history of Minstrelsy That African-American minstrels had to "black-up" to perform is one of those little details that speaks volumes.
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    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    ^it's an optical illusion^ Had me stumped :conf2:
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    Tarot Cards: Collecting: Sets / Decks; Specific Cards Or Themes

    This is the deck I have. As I'm slightly colour-blind I like that it's all black and white. These days I only use the cards for my own focus/meditation/guidance. Heaven't done a reading for another person for ages but then again I no longer tell...
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    In the spirit of Fortean research, yes. o_O
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    In the spirit of good scientific research I think you should have a "hair-of-the-dog" and tell us if it works
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    The Invention Of Jesus

    I may not be remembering correctly but in the film "The Last Temptation of Christ" I think there is a scene where Jesus has to work out how he is to fit in with the Jewish concept of the Messiah. He's meant to come with sword and fire so he makes his preaching metaphysical manifestations...
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    A Confusion Field

    Trying to form my thoughts into an intelligible sentence so bear with me... How much is this responding to and being affected by the atmosphere created by the surrounding energies and how much is it a projection of the observer/s emotional state?
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    Don't Stick Ice Lollies Up Your Fanny

    Well, because of you barstewards I have been forced into trolling the net to bring you this... (NSFW) You lot are a terrible influence ;)
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    The Secret Garden

    No Swifty, this is pampas grass this is papyrus...
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    The Secret Garden

    If you have a tendency to over water try growing papyrus.
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    The Secret Garden

    Have you tried spider plants? They're pretty hardy.