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    British Politician John Smith Murdered?

    Just read up on Willie MacRae... very interesting :sherlock:
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    British Politician John Smith Murdered?

    In the late 80's I had a friend who shared a flat with a couple of people who worked with John Smith. I don't remember in what capacity, maybe policy advisors, but I saw on the mantlepiece a photo of the three of them together. It was through them that I first heard the rumours of "goings on"...
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    Earth’s Magnetic Pole Is On The Move, Fast. And We Don’t Know Why

    This may be of help
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    The Troll's Head

    Hop over the bar and serve yourself! That's what the rest of us do :bob:
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    How To Really Scare Yourself

    Why, thank you, kind sir/dear lady :shy: (sorry, I've just seen the film "The Favourite" and I've come over all sapphic!)
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    How To Really Scare Yourself

    One night, many years ago, I got into bed wth newly changed sheets after a shower (bliss!) As I lay, on my side, waiting to drift off I heard it, very near my head... scratch... scratch, scratch... scratch. I froze... listened... nothing. My imagination obviously so I relaxed and tried to...
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    The Madeleine McCann Disappearance

    I agree. And where there's a mystery there's scope for all sorts of speculation and any person's "what I reckon happened was..." can be expressed and considered because we don't know what really happened. A lot of public money has been spent on all this and the McCanns themselves want the story...
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    The Invention Of Jesus

    It could be argued that Christianity is another branch of Judaism.
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    Christmas 2018

    Seasonal Felicitations to all This is my Christmas song this year
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    My Experience As A Psychic Medium

    I did a psychic development course over several months back in the late 80's. We covered such things as healing, tarot, past lives ... mmm ... can't think of what else right now. Anyway, I was into it and believed I had psychic ability but I'm not so sure now. Reading this thread has made me...
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    But Why Don't We Do It ?

    I too consider myself to be lazy and can relate to Ringo's comment on having finite energy, willpower etc... My personal take on on this is to focus on the feelings I have when dealing with the consequences of not doing in time what I should have. For arguments sake let's say the main feeling...
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    Ancient Instruments & Music

    I started a separate thread about this because I didn't search the forum's threads properly :fslap:
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    Rock Gongs

    Found this on youtube I've heard about the acoustic qualities of rocks but never heard a good example of it, until now.
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    Popular Songs That They Couldn't Write Now

    So attraction to someone underage is more acceptable if the attraction is heterosexual?
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    It May Amuse Some

    I thought I was having a stroke!