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    Rat Type Of Dog Type Of Thing

    Daft question, but are you sure it wasn't a hare?
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    Rat Type Of Dog Type Of Thing

    Otter actually sounds more likely if the creature was 'running' or 'bounding'. Coypus sort of hop when they're moving quickly.
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    Rat Type Of Dog Type Of Thing

    I'm fairly sure I saw a coypu in Norfolk, and zoologist Karl Shuker thinks he saw one I think somewhere in the west Midlands.
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    Day Of The Animals

    They should just give all military dogs a set of titanium gnashers. And fricking laser beams on their fricking heads.
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    The Planet Venus

    These are awesome! I want to be a steampunk airship pirate above Venus.
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    Star Trek

    I've long since tired of Star Trek but I thought, for the most part, Deep Space Nine was the high point of the franchise. I followed it for quite a few seasons. A sad loss! RIP Aron
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    A happy little coincidence to relate. A week before her birthday, I asked my mother what present she'd like. She asked for a cure for my father, who has been having treatment for lymphoma. On Friday, her birthday, he got the all clear. Birthday wishes do come true! Or it's a coincidence. How...
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    Viking Berserkers: What Did They Drink?

    A recent video by one of my favourite youtubers, Skallagrim. I don't know whether it helps with the specific subject of the thread cuz I watched it when it was released and i can't remember now (and i don't have time to watch it again). But assuming anyone viewing this thread is likely to be...
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    Cú Chulainn: Irish Folklore Hero; Irish Berserker?

    Well, I'm not so sure that's the case. At least I think we should look deeper before we dismiss any chance of a connection. The Irish have a lot of norse ancestry. I don't know how well the legend of Cú Chulainn and norse migration correlate in time and space, whether earlier communication...
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    Stonehenge & Salisbury Weekend

    I have a list of places I'd like to visit around there, if I ever find time. I visited Stonehenge for the last summer solstice, but I'd love to do it again.
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    Science Fiction: Films & TV

    After watching it in some form or other for much of my life, I genuinely have no more appetite for Trek. Or Trek-like series really. The OA I remember trying one episode of, but had so little idea of where it was heading I didn't give the second episode a chance. Perhaps I gave up too soon, but...
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    Science Fiction: Films & TV

    I suspect you're right. Given that I can Google an article and it includes adverts for products relating to the last things I searched for on Amazon, I imagine Netflix is more than likely to be able to tailor its output to different regions. But Apollo 18 is in my head now, and I'll look out for it.
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    Science Fiction: Films & TV

    Sounds as though I've missed out. Perhaps I'll catch up later. For now, I thought The Endless sounded fun, so I've chosen that.
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    Science Fiction: Films & TV

    I've heard good things about Altered Carbon, but I'm unwilling to get into a series because I rarely get the chance to watch them through. I'm now one movie and three bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale into my evening. Beyond Skyline actually was quite enjoyable. But I need to snack, and then find...
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    Science Fiction: Films & TV

    It's delightfully fortean for bridging the ancient aliens concept into the alien universe before Ridley Scott did it. Perhaps AvP did it better. But, if I remember rightly, the archaeologist guy forms a theory that the pyramid changes configuration every ten minutes because the Aztec calendar...