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    Our New Look

    My God, the new look is ugly D: It'll probably grow on me but eesh, it was a shock first time I came on. Firstly, I hate that huge bloody advert taking up a third of the screen on the right. Is there any way of disabling it? Flashing mobile adverts in the corner of your eye are suprisingly...
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    Bone eating bird

    Quite a few birds will drop things from height to get inside. I attend university in a coastal town, and sometimes, while sitting on the front, I'll see the local ravens picking up bivalves, flying about 10-20ft foot in the air and dropping them. They'll swoop back down, inspect it, then repeat...
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    Oddities from a Dutch Museum (Many Pics)

    Is it wrong for me to think that Jesus just looks really, really bored in that statue? :?
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    The Great Canadian Expletive

    Reminds me of a character in the graphic novel 'Preacher'...he dreamt of being an astronaut and cheated his way into taking the exam, but was found out and kicked out. So he bought a huge stretch of land and blasted out the words 'FUCK YOU' with dynamite in the rock. Much later on, we get a...
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    Your scariest ghost?

    It's the shadowmen for me. There's just something completely terrifying about them. Probably due to the fact when I was a child I often had nightmares about everything being consumed in a massive tide of blackness... I think what's the scariest thing about shadowmen is that they really are...
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    Handicapped By Height

    My boyfriend's quite a tall chap and is always having endless difficulty with it. He has to buy his trousers from special shops because most brands are always several inches too short, and he has to order shoes (he's UK size 14!). All his t-shirts are XXL- not because he's fat, but because of...
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    'Chupacabras' Again?

    Aww, it's actually kind of cute. Interesting to see the results of a DNA test on it, if they carry one out...
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    Dragons Photographed Over Tibet

    Does anyone have any information about the dying black dragon mentioned in the article? I've never heard of it before, but it sounds absolutely fascinating...
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    The folklorish tale I heard was that, like the others, Lilith was created at the same time as Adam and wanted to be his equal. Adam of course was of the belief that men are best and women should be submissive to them, so Lilith left Eden. God created Eve has her replacement, and when Lilith...
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    Faces Unexpectedly Appearing at Windows

    I really shouldn't read threads like this late at night. I'm sitting all alone downstairs, everyone asleep, next to a big patio window (curtains drawn) with a bloody great mirror behind me. Urk @[email protected] About fears with windows- when I was little I hated the curtains of my bedroom window being...
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    Personally I've always seen atheism as a religion. They have a creation story (the Big Bang), and end-of-the-universe scenario (Big Crunch), priests (scientists), places of worship (schools, labs, universities), books of truth (encyclopaedias) and perform miracles (anything the average layman...
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    a thunder while it's snowing?

    On Tuesday (18th) this happened to me as well. I was driving back from Loughborough (England) with my boyfriend in the midst of some pretty bad weather. It was snowing and suddenly the sky lit up from lightning and a huge roll of thunder followed later. Took us both by surprise as neither of us...
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    Childish Terrors

    When I was around 5 or so, my mother used to tell me that unless I was tucked up in bed, the 6 o'clock Horses would come and take me away (6 o'clock was my bedtime). I had the image of this herd of jet black horses galloping o'er the hills and moors (despite the fact there are none around...
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    Hitler and the Eltanin Antenna

    I'm not too sure on the others, but I know that this is true. He also apparently used his art exam as toilet paper :lol:
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    The Ghost That Wasn't There

    Sometime last year I'd gone to see a friend at university, but due to having work early in the morning I wasn't able to stop over. By the time I was driving home it was very late at night and I was tired (it wasn't helped by the fact that earlier on I'd took a wrong turning in the dark and got...