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    Photo taken by statue shows ghostly image

    Posted for your consideration, Link ; Did Jesus really appear next to a Colombian family as they posed by a gigantic statue of Christ? That’s what Colombian man Juan David Montano is claiming -...
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    Toilet Talk

    Poopergiest !
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    Strange inscriptions on eggs

    They look like Jackson Pollock's work to me, could be worth a fortune! :)
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    U.S. Gun Laws, Massacres & Racial Violence

    Theft of any property is inevitable sooner or later and it will never stop as long as there are thieves. Black market items are not legal and there are laws already in place for that. Law abiding people obey laws,criminals by definition do not. The only way to prevent unauthorized activity is to...
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    Tasers On Stun

    It seems that the manipulation of terms is always used by la enforcement to justify their actions. "Safer than guns" yet they are called "stun guns" "electronic discharge guns" "taser guns" that fire projectiles in most cases. Whether firing a bullet,lighting bolts or laser beams , a gun is a...
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    U.S. Gun Laws, Massacres & Racial Violence

    I live I America and have been to many gun shows over the years and have seen this done. It is done on a state by state basis. If you are not a resident of my state you can not purchase here as in most states. I have not been in all states but have been in most. There may be a rouge state that I...
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    U.S. Gun Laws, Massacres & Racial Violence

    To be fair, I must point out that much of the claims made by gun control groups are outdated and used as propaganda. There are no "machine guns" given away by anyone anywhere, in the US, AK 47 or otherwise. The so called AK machine guns are semi auto copies that fire 1 round per 1 pull of the...
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    Woman feeds her own daughter tapeworms

    I read in the regular newspaper that Bette Midler and some other hollywood denizens did this for weight loss. Since the story ran nationwide and Bette never sued or denied it , it might be true. On TV they showed the large capsule used to house the worms for swallowing. Eccchhhh ! (Please don't...
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    What is the connection between Greensleeves and ice cream?

    Hmmm, song choice must be a national/regional thing, around here they play a blaring off key rendition of "turkey in the straw".
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    Dreaming Of The Dead

    I have this strange dream about friends who have recently passed on, but I don't know yet that they have died. I am always in a place I have never been before and I notice the person , I approach them and try to speak to them, but they cannot see or hear me. After having the dream I inquire...
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    Strange figure "This Man" appears in many folks dreams

    I read in a psychology article some where that a high number of people have Woody Allen appear in their dreams. Seems he represents their insecurities.