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    So, What Have You Been Doing Today ?

    Thanks Shady. I've had a very long summer break (in which we moved house) and so today was really a day for taking stock of where I am in my work schedule. The answer is "floundering hopelessly". But coffee and biscuits will keep my end up... WOOF!
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    So, What Have You Been Doing Today ?

    Today I have been paralysed into doing not very much at all because of how much I have to do. I've got mountains of stuff to get through - some of it fun and creative but some of it just downright tedious, experimental and unquantifiable. I don't know where to begin. I have one seriously heavy...
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    The Transdimensional Gas Station

    I have driven those roads in order to add more information to a thread which was abandoned by the OP years ago. I'm just looking at the area involved in the story as you would maybe visit Whitechapel after hearing of the Ripper Murders. The difference being that a lot of you could access...
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    Scandinavian Ghost Rockets / Bombs (Sweden; 1946)

    I've posted about Ghost Rockets and a TV documentary on the subject but I don't remember in which thread. There were some excellent sightings of "rockets" slowing down, turning and landing in lakes. Some crashed into them but some landed and became submerged.
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    Not Very Interesting Things That Happened Today

    Stitches out and finger healing nicely, we took the kids canoeing and camped on a little island for the night. An island of horrors!!! There were the usual flies and mosquitos but also tons of ticks. I had a pee behind a tree and when I emerged I had 7 ticks crawling on my left leg. I hate ticks...
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    Not Very Interesting Things That Happened Today

    That sounds promising. I hope it's not permanent. I read last night that a severed nerve can regenerate up to 1 mm per day.
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    Not Very Interesting Things That Happened Today

    We'll have to see but luckily I don't do sleight of hand, more sleight of mind.
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    Not Very Interesting Things That Happened Today

    A not very interesting thing that happened (about 10 days ago) for me was that I nearly ripped my index finger off. I was putting a trampoline together in the garden and one of the springs got away from me. The hooked end ripped right through my right index finger width ways. It looked like...
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    Amateur Paranormal Investigators: Role; Motive; Ability; Value

    But, ignoring everything I've said so far, it is a ton of fun to do something so out of the ordinary as Ghost Hunting. It is a little suburban adventure to add some excitement on an otherwise boring Friday night. We maybe need to see it for what it is (cheap thrills) and just ignore the actual...
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    Amateur Paranormal Investigators: Role; Motive; Ability; Value

    He also needed a bigger boat. I agree with your point as regards Nick Redfern being a knowledge bank but an expert in case cross-referencing is not the same as active scientific research. I'm not banging on about scientific method as the only valid approach as I've been on countless...
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    The Problem With British Ghosthunting

    I have argued until I'm blue in the face that Ghost hunting methodology is totally wrong and is just copied from what people have seen on TV. My main gripe is night vision IR cameras, EMF meters and Zoom/Digital recorders. Can any one person tell me why we do ghost hunting in the dark? With an...
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    Amateur Paranormal Investigators: Role; Motive; Ability; Value

    I totally agree with this and for this reason alone I stopped all my interaction with a Paranormal Investigation group. The group was made up entirely of people with low educational merits and all were suffering from physical and/or psychological health problems. They had all experienced things...
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    What TV Are You Watching?

    Stranger Things 3 was a huge let down for me. There was no story line. 11 should have bled to death with her constant nose bleeding. Chernobyl was excellent although I didn't experience it as cinematic - I thought it looked rather a low cost production (a few of the sets were dodgy) but that...
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    Ticks With Lyme Disease Are Pentagon Experiment

    Ticks are really common here in Sweden and anyone spending the summer in the countrysode is advised to get a jab against getting Encephalitis. It can also cause meningitis. The recommended tick removal method here is to use tweezers, press...
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    Haunted Workplaces?

    Reading the above post back, I remember once again hearing the stories but my work in this field since posting has made the story seem even more improbable, if not impossibe. I'll have to subject my elderly mother to some tough interrogation when I see her again.