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    Christmas 2019

    Last Christmas i dressed in black tights, lil red shorts with white fluff on em and a long t shirt, which was accompanied buy a Santa hat and some green slippers with big bells on for work lol I like Christmas cause of people being more nice to each other, when you are at work tho, sometimes it...
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    Dyatlov Pass Incident

    Was it torn from the outside at all?, and it would have been better for them to remain fully clothed and in the tent surely
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    Thinking Of Visiting Australia?

    It is truly horrific what is happening there, but what can be done to stop it, make some sort of a preserve for the creatures or whatever they are called, with tanks of water all around, sorry, my meagre brain thinks of stupid shit :(
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    The Re-Rail-The-De-Rails Thread (Relocated Tangents)

    When i was a kid we had six weeks of absolutely gorgeous weather when we were off school, in winter we had snow up to our arses, just lately, especially the six weeks of summer holidays it appears to be coming back, like its realigning itself, or maybe its just me imagining it.
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    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    Depends what mushrooms they are ;)
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    Good Posting Practices

    Nah, Simon Templar wasn't :P
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    The Grenfell Tower Fire

    Looks like it started at the top, bottom looks ok, but i guess cause its a pic im not seeing it all
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    Cats & People—What Are They Like?!

    some of them really do look like the celebs lol
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    The 'Unemployed Again' Thread

    Sounds like its the best thing she did for you Swifty, maybe she was a wraith.
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    Greta Thunberg

    The picture Yith posted makes her look like Loki and the one Myth posted
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    Britain: Police State?

    I'm ok with the police, like any place anywhere there will be bad uns, but i think the good outweigh them, they are human just like you and I.
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    The Really Crap Excuses Thread

    A BURGLAR was forced to go on a crime spree to pay compensation to people who threatened him after he was caught targeting their home, a court heard. Career crook John Metcalfe was so desperate to get away from the Leeds estate where he had been committing offences that he stole £1,000 in goods...
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    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    They do dont they, the smoke from the chimney?????
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    Avoid Edinburgh

    Mines done that before, sort of a ghostly image of it. Could it be acting as a draft??
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    The 'Unemployed Again' Thread

    Christmas and New Year always sorts the wheat from the chaff