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    The Mayday Mystery

    Just checked out the MaydayMystery site for the first time in months as whenever I had looked recently it was just saying he (Bryan) didn't have time to do any updates or whatever, and there's finally a bunch of new updates in the 'recent developments' section. I've been following it for many...
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    Fortean Board Games?

    ooh. Treasure of the Pharaohs. I used to have that I think. ... e-pharaohs Yes, that's the one. I'd forgotten all about it! Steve.
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    Absurd ghosts

    Would these count as poultrygeists? Steve.
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    Garden Gnomes

    If they do an animatronic one, I'm sold...
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    Did Jesus Visit Britain?

    Time Team did a dig at this site last year: ... index.html
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    The Mayday Mystery

    More than likely, but considering the costs that have been wracked up over a couple of decades, they'd have to be pretty rich and patient intellectuals.. Steve.
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    The Mayday Mystery

    I'm back... not that I've actually been anywhere - I just gave up coming here after the hassle of the changing usernames... Still tearing my hair out over on the mayday page with no luck. I feel like I'm skittering on the edge of something that I just can't quite grasp. Maybe because...
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    Spam etc

    But why should I have to filter something I chose not to receive? I don't mind if they want to send me unsolicited email that I deliberately told them I did not want to receive though. I'll read it very carefully and thoroughly. As long as they don't mind me invoicing them my standard...
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    Spam etc

    I got one that started: Like others, I made sure I filled all the boxes in to not be sent junk mail. (and I've just checked - that is still the case). Which means that Dennis Publishing is probably in breach of the relevant bits of law covering marketing email and the data protection act...
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    Quitters & Shape-Shifters: Last Words & Reincarnations

    Is it possible to become a four letter word again? (No, not that four letter word) If possible, can I lose my trailing zero? If not I'll have to have a rethink and come up with something else I suppose. Steve.
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    Shortwave Number Stations

    I recently bought a radio scanner - one of those impulsive purchases off ebay - and had tried finding some of these number stations - it was randomly discovering a web page or two about them that got me looking on ebay for scanners in the first place... I've not yet stumbled across one...
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    Space Shuttle Discovery

    Well, I've got some Turkish coffee... Steve.
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    London Explosions: News

    Bomb scare at Euston apparently. Not on any news yet, but hot from someone there. Steve.
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    Spaceship Capricorn daily messages

    You mean, like some sort of ark full of telephone hygienists and the like? :D Steve.
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    London Explosions: News

    And talking of not being connected to the bombers: Source Hmm. I think someone will get hauled over the coals for this one, and whatever the truth which we may never know, it could weaken security if politicians start calling for the police to be disarmed or similar. They haven't said...