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    Heathrow Ghosts

    Afternoon Drama - Sebastian Baczkiewicz - Ghosts of Heathrow - @bbcradio4 Just found this wonderful drama from 2014 on the iPlayer radio app, based on the various Heathrow Ghosts. It's by the marvellous Sebastian Baczkiewicz, writer of Pilgrim and...
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    Sausage Christ

    Like the phrase 'processed outrage to sell processed food' Wonder to what extent the 'nuttiness' of religious groups is manufactured enhanced or coaxed by secular interests simply to grab headlines? Quite like Gregg's Cornish pasties, though don't think they're called that anymore. They're...
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    Changing Times Changing Forteana

    What we need to look out for then, are sexual kinks that are still generally verboten/frowned upon, turning up in abduction reports? Newly minted ones would be an even better indicator :) Maybe the Greys will take it down a notch and start doing sensual massage. Or Vajazzles? :)
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    Tales Of A Flat Earth

    How can you argue with vegans? Surely their veganity (hope this is a word :) ) is a personal moral choice and nothing to do with argument or evidence? Though I understand Vegan and veggie disgust for taking life, I've always thought it was a bit snooty, like saying that we're somehow better...
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    Tales Of A Flat Earth

    Guess so, although all our veiws must be ultimately based on a choice made somewhere of who to trust. No argument is ever irrefutable, suppose that's why we have trial by jury as our ultimate test of veracity rather than some sort of scientific process, everything always comes down to a guess :)
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    CIA Declassifies Hundreds of UFO Documents

    Yes, it's a fair cop, (Sways towards you rattling and clacking) it's hell on my stinger usin' this keyboard, I'm starvin', anyone see that meteor shower last night? :)
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    Tales Of A Flat Earth

    Not sure that Flat earthers think the world moves at all. Isn't it just tiny celestial bodies zooming round us or something? Any actual Flat Earthers around to enlighten us? :)
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    Octopus Passive Self-Defence

    As I understand it one of the main things that have stopped Octopussies from becoming as 'smart' as us is that they dont care for or teach their Octopuppies :) so each little guy has to relearn the world from scratch!
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    trolls=mental illness?

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    Tales Of A Flat Earth

    So this flat earth metric is exactly like a sphere, with no edge etc how do we know that what we call spheres are not these metrics? Ping pong balls and such? Maybe in practical terms, in the real universe, what an infinity looks like is a sphere? So we can play Ping Pong with it :)
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    Tales Of A Flat Earth

    So would it be impossible to tell that it was flat? In which case, if nobody could tell it was flat, and it didn't in any way act flat, in what way would it in any way be flat? Would a spirit level help? :)
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    CIA Declassifies Hundreds of UFO Documents

    Thanks Monstrosa, had a peek at a couple of the documents, particularly interested in the Scientific Advisory panel of 1953. Always beleived in the extraordinary nature of at least some UFO's, but the down to earth tone and eminently sensible attitude of this document ( Comparing the...
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    Italian woman asks firefighters to remove her chastity belt

    What about using the loo though? :D
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    Richard Dawkins

    No lol, spiritually of no fixed abode :)
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    Richard Dawkins

    To sum up my views on this, I have nothing against Atheism, it's a fine philosophy stretching back thousands of years, but I beleive it deserves a nobler proponent than Mr Dawkin's, one with their heart and humanity hooked up to their brain, and with less of a tendency to dismiss other...