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    Hull Boy, 2, Rushed To Hospital After Being Bitten By Bat While Lying In Cot

    That baby bat is presumably a fruit bat. they can get very big. It's terribly cute.
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    Day Of The Animals

    Penguins ignore police, return to sushi shop
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    Forgotten History

    Thanks! An interesting episode. I wonder if it fell foul of wartime reporting restrictions - it wasn't all over yet.
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    Abysmal Journalism & Its Disproportionate Influence

    I think there's a bit of defensiveness there. They know full well what outsiders might think of a Russian feminist writer happening to plunge 8 stories to her doom. Russia is not an especially 100% safe place for people like her. However, the rest of the text does make it sound as if it was the...
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    TV & Radio Reminders

    The One Show has nicked another one of the FT's articles - the extreme perambulaters (the one in the mask who did a con job). Clearly at least one of their researchers/producers/pitchers/whatevertheyarecalled has a subscription!
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    A15 Lincolnshire Road Ghost (Ruskington/Sleaford)

    That's fascinating. Oh if only the bodies had been discovered by modern archaeologists so we could have a bit more data...!
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    Spooks On The Tube: Ghosts Of London Underground

    I think you're spot on there. It also makes me partially remember that ancient piece of research that said if someone shouted FIRE then people would help but not so much if someone shouted RAPE. It suggests that very same reluctance to believe what is happening. I also wonder how that fits in...
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    Fortean Headlines

    Pot smoker finds overweight tiger in abandoned house Police initially thought the caller was hallucinating when they received a call of a surprise discovery of a tiger.
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    Spooks On The Tube: Ghosts Of London Underground

    In a way that is intensely Fortean. The weird behaviour of other humans... Blimey.
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    Spooks On The Tube: Ghosts Of London Underground

    That tickled me. As did the sarcasm in the Londonist article. :)
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    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    It's not anti-linking legislation. It's just a higher standard of personal data protection. You should direct your ire at any other countries who may not be doing as much to protect you as European ones are. There is an argument to be made that our legislation isn't up to date with the...
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    Welcome To The New Board: Technical Problems & Known Issues

    Just posted and edited and everything is working like a dream!
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    Welcome To The New Board: Technical Problems & Known Issues

    I only found out about the forum death this morning as I haven't been around for a bit (work is hell since that GDPR came in). I was off sick (with stress) this morning and decided to read the mag, saw the message, felt even more stressed. Several hours later I felt the need to correspond with...
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    The Well-Tailored Neanderthal; Or, They Walk Among Us!

    I would imagine that the increased levels of source material is refining the way they looked all the time. As the final paragraph says, they may have had a varied range of typology so some would have been more graceful or stockier than others. Just like with us. That was a fascinating article...
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    Day Of The Animals

    Beluga whale reported in Thames Which is worrying. Where is its family? Is it ill? Is it lost? edit: the 'live feed' appears to have lost it and is aimlessly but prettily showing general footage of the...