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    MPs' Expenses

    Many wealthy folk, celebrities etc. manage to live in highly secure houses - usually in rural areas - and gated communities, so security is hardly an issue. We're not talking about bunging them all in a block of flats in East London here (though this appeals to me) but well-built housing with...
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    Hillsborough: Anatomy Of A Government Cover-Up

    I found the Panorama programme quite fascinating, especially with the repeated "whitewashing" that was done - as soon as one avenue for getting to the truth was opened, a bloody great bureaucratic barricade was put in place. This whole sorry affair hasn't really "convinced" me of the...
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    MPs' Expenses

    I personally think that many folk are incredibly naive in that morality and "what is fundamentally fair" matters anything to politicians, of any party. During the past Expenses Scandal - which has now gone down the pan in public awareness like the newspapers which filled their pages with it -...
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    The Whinge Thread, Resurrected

    My Whinge? I started a Misery Guts page on Facebook 'cause so many people liked to moan about irritating and annoying things on Facebook ... and no one posts on it. Bastids! Too bleddy miserable to post on a page dedicated to being miseries but still miserable enough to clutter up my newsfeed!
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    The Hexham Heads

    I'm afraid that as soon as I hear that a museum official supposedly said they'd buried the items, I smell bullshit. No official from a museum or other reputable body would "bury" or otherwise lose an item, regardless of it's dodgy provenance. It doesn't matter if they were creeped out by it...
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    Tom Cruise & His Wives

    I don't think his missus even after becoming his ex- is going to blow the gaff on the high-up's in Scientology. They've got the smarts and money to tie her up for a billion years with gagging clauses. I'm sure she'll just feel grateful to get custody of her kid. Wealthy celebs seem to have...
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    Derek Acorah WTF

    "What's that Sam? I need publicity after being shat out of 'Most Haunted'? Okay ... how about this?"
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    I, Threadkiller

    How about a bomb nipple show man?
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    Abandoned, Disused & Ruinous Places

    They are beautiful photos and, actually, it looks like a lovely location. Such a waste to let rot.
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    I, Threadkiller

    "Oi!" is good. So is "I see you've replied to my email. I OWN your bank account, buddy!"
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    Does the FT message board belong to THEM?

    *tweet* "Who's a clever boy then? *chirrup* Where's me bleedin' cuttlefish bone, then?
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    Metropolitan Police officers assaulted autistic boy

    Fair 'nuff. That's me told then.
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    Does the FT message board belong to THEM?

    I have "issues", personally, with some prolific posters on this board and I accept that there's room for criticism of the possibly unintentional "feeling" of the discussion within the thread. But a concerted effort to undermine questioning of Forteana? I don't think so. Forteana almost...
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    Metropolitan Police officers assaulted autistic boy

    I apologise if I seem a tad "short" about this but I find the whole case disgusting! It was an assault that could've been avoided. But I resent just copy 'n' pasting of the news report without any comment or link to Forteana.
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    Metropolitan Police officers assaulted autistic boy

    A terrible news story. And what part of it do you consider Fortean, pray? Oh, and please don't lapse into "People are odd" or "It's self-explanatory." It isn't - it's a tragic case of incompetence or, at my most forgiving, poor communication. I suppose you might classify it as "Dumb cops"...