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    I have damaging information About Trumps Administration They've been infiltrated By gnarly Bill And Ted!
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    What Were You Doing Five Minutes Ago?

    Watching Godzilla Vs Destoroyah. I live a full life...
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    What Have You Been Doing Today ?

    So, you're going blind and on your way to get blind?
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    Is it time now to work on your core? Don't overdo it or you will get sore Your poor back will spasm Like a phantasm
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    Christmas 2019

    Odd seeing shops filled with Halloween and Christmas stuff. Next week, they'll be putting out stuff for Easter....
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    With lashings of lashings? I never kiss and tell!
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    Isn't everyone following everyone else in some sense or other?

    Isn't everyone following everyone else in some sense or other?
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    Then you haven't lived...
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    Bad Spells & Visible Inadmissibles: Words Fail Thee

    Oh, the jokes I could post, not one of them fit for broadcast!
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    Star Trek

    I think in one of the books, or short stories, Super Power Kes returned home, and made the planet habitable again, with water and plants and stuff...
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    Hoist your fly...

    Hoist your fly...
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    How Old Are You?

    Father tine is the bugger I want to sue...
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    Stuff You've Just Bought

    Did you build a cardboard box fort?
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    Inappropriate Toileting

    I don't drink, but I can pass on one amusing tale I heard on the radio late one night years ago. A late night show was asking a similar question, and someone rang in to say that a friend of his (or a "friend") had been on the booze, walked home, lay down to sleep on the footpath, feet pointing...
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    How Old Are You?

    Had to change my vote from 30-40 to 40-50, as I am no longer in my thirties. There must be someone I can sue over that!