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    Explain Your Avatar Here

    Mine is Sappho. I like the look on her face, like "hmm, a talking mongoose you say?"
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    Christmas Wreaths

    Wreaths were not a thing when I was a kid in northern England but I've seen more of them than I can shake a stick at this year in Glasgow. I think originally the symbolism is green life, foliage, in a circular formation, and so is about the cyclical nature of life and whatnot. Nowadays I think...
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    What Were You Doing Five Minutes Ago?

    I wish! One limb at a time.
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    Happy winter solstice folks! Raise a glass to the longest night tonight.

    Happy winter solstice folks! Raise a glass to the longest night tonight.
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    What Were You Doing Five Minutes Ago?

    Taking paracetamol.
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    Contributions To A Symposium?

    Hello all, as part of a wider project, I've been asked to think about trying to find someone who might be willing to speak at a small multidisciplinary symposium, on the subject of Stone Tape Theory / time / hauntings / things like that. Basically, how things that happen in the past might leave...
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    Charles Manson

    I'd say that's a good illustration of 'reasonable doubt'.
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    I see. My post was bridging from the RIP thread, which was in danger of going off topic. Some posters there has begun discussing whether atheists believed in afterlife-based punishment. I don't believe in that, but thought the discussion was interesting and worth relocating here. Has the link...
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    That isn't my experience I'm afraid, so maybe this could be revised to 'some' atheists.
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    Morning, I think you were responding to this post of mine.
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    But I don't believe in an afterlife. Sorry, I'm still confused about the proof. Do you want me to prove that I don't believe in anything after death? I can give you some anecdotes if you want, but f course that's not really proof.
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    I'm sure some will disagree with you MrRING but what you say does chime with my own feelings on the matter. I suspect that even if someone popped up with 100% genuine acceptable proof of some deity's existence, I'd still have a hard time actually believing in said deity in the way that a theist...
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    Could you expand? I'm not sure I follow - what is the 'thing' you think I'm assuming?' and what do you mean about proof?
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    The R.I.P. Thread

    I've posted my reply to this in the Atheism thread as I didn't want to go too far off topic on this one. Hope that was a sensible thing to do. Anyway, the gist of it was that I am a proper 100% atheist (not...
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    Just bumping this as a link from the conversation in The RIP Thread here: The question raised is whether atheists feel a desire for truly evil people (Charles Manson, Ian Brady, etc.) to be punished after...