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    If you can walk over to Orford Castle on Orford Ness, it has a story associated with a merman sighting. There is also a Martello Tower in Aldeburgh, not Fortean, but interesting. I think you need to book a visit to it's interior in advance...
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    Turkey: Is It A Trap?

    Just read speculation that the State Department views the YPG Kurds as associated with terrorism, so influenced Trump to withdraw American troops from the Syrian border area. But that the Pentagon were opposed to this, having fought alongside the YPG against ISIS, and respected the YPG's...
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    Turkey: Is It A Trap?

    Or perhaps Trump used the Kurdish YPG to help fight ISIS, and now that he think the fight against Isis is as good as won, he has jettisoned the YPG, him being convinced of their PKK Marxist links?
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    The Most Mysterious Song In The World

    1.) My initial reaction to hearing this is that the vocals are guide vocals, and that this is a demo track from a studio jam session. The vocals are low in the mix, which again suggests it is a recording taken from a recording session but before the song has been properly mixed down. 2.)...
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    Thank you for posting. The message is that if something seems odd, or too much of a co incidence, it is a hint to stop for a minute and think about what is happening, and why it might be happening. I am guilty of ignoring this last week. Fo work reasons, I was in an area that I am seldom in...
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    I did not know that about Einstein. It is fascinating..and inspiring. Thanks for posting.
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    EnolaGaia I agree that no one is completely superfluous. And I believe in prayer, so I believe I can help make spiritual effects. Yet there is also the feeling that the daily commute, the daily slog at the desk.....what of my individuality do I contribute to this? If I left my job tommorow...
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    I definitely have the feeling that life goes on around me rather than with me being a driving force for change or achievement. Probably because the things I am passionate about are not connected to monetary game...but just intellectual interest or enjoyment of the Arts. But LizardKing's post...
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    The 'Unemployed Again' Thread

    Really wishing you well Shady.
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    The 'Unemployed Again' Thread

    Get well Shady.
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    The 'Unemployed Again' Thread

    No. They carry on as if nothing has happened. It is weird.
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    Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Or Murder: Speculation

    A man at the nexus of high finance, politics, and socialites. Possible links to one or more state intelligence services (wittingly and unwittingly). Connected to some of the main entities of the 2008 world economic crash. Almost certainly would have known of activities that could tarnish the...
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    The 'Unemployed Again' Thread

    Thank G-D I have a job. It's a temp office admin job, but better than nothing. Does not stimulate me, but the people are nice, if a little odd at times. One thing though...behind me sits a very overweight man. And he gets farting attacks...loud loud blasts of a one...
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    They Messed With The WRONG Person

    I guess British members will have read all about this by now...but Arsenal football players Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac were attacked in London by carjackers wielding roof tiles and knives. Kolasinac, a stocky left sided defender known for his powerful runs out of defence, took matters into...
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    Woman Trapped In Stairwell For 2.5 Days

    Does not sound encouraging that going through a fire exit would cause "All doors on all floors to lock!"