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    Indian Yeti / Barmanu

    That deserves a quote to draw attention to it: Tracing the origins of a 'yeti's finger' 27 December 2011 An anatomical specimen labelled "Yeti's finger" has been left overlooked in a museum for decades, its origins unexplained, until BBC reporter Matthew Hill set out to investigate. In the...
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    It has been questioned whether this article should be taken as referring to immigrant communities. Given the locations, cases and names cited, I'm afraid it is. It's poorly written as that is not made explicit.
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    Greta Thunberg

    It was a parody of Myth's suggestion.
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    Greta Thunberg

    It's a bit much like hard work, isn't it? Dabbing a warm wet flannel on my forehead, ruffling my hair a bit and moaning pitiably: that's about the extent of my efforts to bunk off school. Do you think it might all be part of an attempt to impress a boy?
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    Douglas The Camel

    Douglas the Camel From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Douglas The Camel, or “Old Douglas,” was a domesticated camel used by Company A of the 43rd Mississippi Infantry, part of the Confederate Armyduring the American Civil War. Because of Old Douglas, the 43rd Mississippi Infantry came to be...
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    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    You can't really be sure--at least I can't, but I've been munching through fancy Norwegian stuff where they boast that it's virtually free-range. You can get about three times the quantity for the same price at Costco, but it's a suspicious radioactive-orange instead of the more natural-looking...
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    Innocent Photos That Looked Scary

    Somewhat surprisingly, I'd only seen one of those before. And a couple are really good.
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    What Music?

    Good mood today--on top of life.
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    Witchcraft & Black Magic Contribute To Increase In Child Abuse - Guardian

    Will merge it in there when it is moved from Fortean News.
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    The Good Stuff Online Thread

    Must say, I didn't see that in the video twist coming.
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    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    Is there a maximum recommended intake for Salmon? Because if there is, I might be exceeding it. I've had five generously-sized grilled salmon steaks in the last seven days.
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    Drop A Weird Meme

    " Learn to punctuate," Ya" Scottish" Savage"
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    Witchcraft & Black Magic Contribute To Increase In Child Abuse - Guardian

    We have 'been here' before. And it wasn't true then, but some people made careers off the claim.
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    The Good Stuff Online Thread

    Late to the party, Swifty. Try the WTF? Thread yesterday.
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    Project Azorian: The CIA's Plan To Recover A Lost Russian Submarine.

    Will be buying this next year: