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    What Were You Doing Five Minutes Ago?

    There is now.
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    Political Correctness Rides Again

    Shouldn't Good Morning Britain be more accurately renamed Rotten Morning Britain?
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    The Good Stuff Online Thread

    Considering the deafening volume of whingeing that greeted the 2016 version, I'm tempted to ignore every Ghostbusters from now on, past and future. Including the cartoon.
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    Namecheck For Mr Fort

    Edgar Lustgarten, but he wasn't really a horror author.
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    Terry Pratchett

    Brief Good Omens update: on Mark Kermode's podcast this week, he interviewed David Arnold who's composing the music, and they revealed… Mark is playing the theme tune on harmonica! Apart from that, it goes through different time periods, past, present and future, and Heaven and Hell for good...
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    Jordan Peterson

    Except it was P. Diddy, not Kanye. So all black people look the same to you, I suppose! I am offended on behalf of an entire race!
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    Max Headroom Pirate TV Broadcast (1987)

    Care to share? One of the most compelling things about this is the utter mystery of who was behind it, even decades later. No one admitted it, no one apparently knew who it was. I'm even sceptical about "some bloke on the internet knows" admissions.
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    Upcoming Marvel Adaptations

    Cool story, bra. Sorry, I mean "Cool bra story".
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    Ice Circles

    Looks like the moon in a bucket! A very big bucket.
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    End Of The World 92/93

    It would be a lot more unusual for a year to go by without someone predicting the end of the world.
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    Who Agrees?

    There was a thread in Mainstream News a while ago that got really... uncomfortable.
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    Blitz Limericks

    You know how I sat on those shears? The shock almost had me in tears! Then that lawnmower Really made you sore And confirmed your worst gardening fears. *** Tony Stark, he lives up to his name Cashing on his great Iron Man fame
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    A voice coach is just what you need. For booming tones with which you'll succeed
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    Upcoming Marvel Adaptations

    Fan theories about the Spidey trailer now include Iron Man dying in Endgame because it's Nick Fury who appears to Peter, not Tony Stark. But didn't So maybe they're messing with us.
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    Upcoming Marvel Adaptations

    Best bit of the new Spidey trailer? The orchestral version of the classic theme, of course!
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    Old-School Cool

    Yeah, it's a heartbreaker - they used to call them weepies.
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    Who Agrees?

    I hope this isn't turning into another INT21 misogyny thread. We all have our problems, male and female, some we can overcome, some we have to live with. Love and relationships shouldn't be a competition. Some work out, some don't, and the reasons can be simple or complicated. There's no...
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    Jordan Peterson

    Heck, seeing a man depicted as a diddy in a washing powder ad is enough to send some men into a rage.
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    Jordan Peterson

    Oh... life's too short. Thanks anyway.
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    Fortean Headlines

    The stories behind a lot of these headlines would make for legit topics worth discussing on other threads.
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    Who Agrees?

    Isn't it more to do with society forbidding men from showing weakness, so when you do find yourself, as a man, in a place that's not too healthy, physically or mentally, you are far more reluctant to even admit to yourself, never mind anyone else? If we could get over the stigma of poor mental...
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    Non-Fortean Films

    OK, I might give it a go, though it might remind me of when Little and Large did their Stan and Ollie impressions.
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    Blitz Limericks

    One day I will have lots of cash and away I will go, like a flash. To the bookmakers My local money takers Then I'll be back at a dash. *** Like a machine that was missing a cog There once was this poor, lovelorn frog
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    Old-School Cool

    It's a pity Gone With the Wind has been repurposed as that old racist movie these days, because Vivien Leigh was brilliant in it. She was great elsewhere too, but nothing that would overshadow GWTW.
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    How Old Are You?

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    Non-Fortean Films

    Everyone says it's a lovely film, but I'm not sure I want to see Stan and Ollie fighting and arguing for real.
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    Humour & Jokes

    Just listening to that new Anderson Paak album and he samples Rodney Dangerfield lamenting on The Johnny Carson Tonight Show: "This girl told me, come on over tonight, there's nobody home. When I went over, there was nobody home!"
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    As I'm tall, debonair, multilingual I often get asked "Are you single?" "Yes, but not by choice!" "It's because of my voice"
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    What TV Are You Watching?

    Gone full on paranoid far right conspiracy theorist nut, as far as I can tell. OK, that's probably worse than Mamet.
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    Horror Films

    Hey, it's a good podcast. And makes me wonder if Mr Friedkin has too much influence over Mr Kermode (who says Exorcist II is the worst film ever made and wrote a film for him last year).
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    British Politician John Smith Murdered?

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    Jordan Peterson

    The trouble is, the far right is providing hope of a false kind to young and middle-aged white men, since that's what happens when they get told they're the enemy from all sides. If you didn't think you were racist, sexist, a potential (maybe actual) rapist, a violent offender and all that...
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    What Music?

    I once voiced the opinion that PF weren't completely brilliant in an online discussion some years ago (not on here) and received a torrent of abuse. So be careful with that opinion, Eugene. For the record, I love the first album.
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    What TV Are You Watching?

    Simmons' Carrion Comfort would make a great TV series, I think. Just a pity he's done a Mamet and turned into a maniac recently.
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    So. are they 'cheese eating surrender monkeys' ? Doesn't matter when their disco's so funky
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    Philip K. Dick

    It's good, isn't it? Really faithful, which helps because it's one of his best books, and the animation just keeps it this side of unreal. Still waiting on that Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch film that was supposed to star Gary Oldman. In the 1990s.
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    The 'Sharpened Pencils Up The Nostrils Examination' Legend

    The one I heard had a pupil stand up in the middle of an exam and shout "I'M AN ORANGE!!!" When the invigilator approached to calm him down, he screamed "DON'T SQUEEZE ME!!!" Bit more comical than suicide, but the exam anxiety theme is there.
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    Autonomous / Self-Driving Cars and Other Ground Vehicles

    Judging by a lot of the drivers I see when I'm out, robots sure can't be any worse.
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    Spectral Images

    Do you have any examples of these photos you think may be genuine, just so we can get a better idea of what you mean?
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    Bronze Age Discoveries

    Plus it makes it harder to link to Game of Thrones - always a disappointment for journalists reporting on archaeology.
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    Minor Strangeness

    Probably not a good idea to upload a video of someone without their permission. Though I don't know how you'd go about getting that permission.
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    What TV Are You Watching?

    Pff… go for the deep cut: Dippy Dragonaurus.
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    What TV Are You Watching?

    In my world, that's being on Amazon Prime, even if you have to pay extra for it. Maybe if you wait a year they'll put it on free with the sub?
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    Random/Peculiar Images

    C'mon, who doesn't want a handy collapsible house?
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    What TV Are You Watching?

    Yes it is - I was thinking of getting it but got The Orville instead.
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    Blitz Limericks

    I peel spuds with my latest invention Patent pending, I hasten to mention. Never mind that small knife It'll just cause you strife Now you'll have lots of mash, no contention. *** The reason Queen Bess liked to dally With potato magnate Walter Raleigh
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    Stuff You've Just Bought

    They won't give you the rest of the season until it's broadcast on UK TV (not sure what channel it's on here). That happens weekly. We're about a week behind the US broadcast, so episode 2 will be next Saturday, 3 will be the Saturday after that, and so on. I do know from a friend that Amazon...
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    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    I have this Toblerone I got for Christmas I still haven't started. I don't mind the taste, but they're so bloody awkward to eat. You break of a triangle with your fingers and its difficult enough, plus you get chocolate on your hands, but you could crack a tooth trying to bite off a triangle...
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    British Politician John Smith Murdered?

    Not 6 million Jews, then?
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    Humour & Jokes

    I knew someone in college who had a mentally disabled son, and the only comedy he loved was Russ Abbott. Though apparently he didn't laugh at it, oddly.