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    The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall

    OK.... can't see anyone on the stairs but there's a pair of feet and legs to about mid calf standing on the snazzy tiles before they turn into carpet :) I'm not goning to mention the person sitting at the desk :p
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    Sheela (Sheelagh) Na Gigs

    I don't think we've had Craigieavar on this thread yet.... Discovered when there was a proper survey of corbels at the castle. I like this because it indicates that distribution maps can change :) This is the 2011 BBC notice of it, in a nice coy way. And in much more detail, the CANMORE...
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    Sheela (Sheelagh) Na Gigs

    only if you think that the only way of lauding women is on looks? ;)
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    The Bible: Fact Or Fiction?

    totally this! The ones that appear to a predator as "maybe an eye" get eaten less. And reproduce more.
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    Random/Peculiar Images

    6 :mcoat:
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    Subliminal Advertising

    Thank you David Plankton! It's interesting to see what they think is going to be a scary image!
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    Did Actor Stage His Own Racist Attack?

    Text to audio software. It's assistive technology :) Most often used to support a visual problem but also processing or cognitive issues. I use Jaws to supplement reading it at the end of a looooooong day, for example.
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    The Unwhinge Thread

    The well mechanism in the yard sounds interesting....
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    Subliminal Advertising

    I've never been aware of seeing one before :D I tried to view it on the slowest speed setting and you do get a better look - but I'd love to see them all properly.
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    Breastfeeding In Public

    Posseting, it's just milk. Nothing particularly unpleasant. Usually the only reason I realise some wean is being fed is that people start tutting. Which is much more intrusive.
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    Did Actor Stage His Own Racist Attack?

    it makes life much harder if you use, for example, a screen reader. Increases the noise to signal ratio...
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    What Were You Doing Five Minutes Ago?

    :oldm:what sort of anaesthetic/sedation did you have? It's improved a lot in recent years but it still knocks you for six :(
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    The Troll's Head

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    The Troll's Head

    After a week and a wait for a part... we have a working boiler. The engineer has gone and we are now running about bleeding radiators and so on. GIVE ME A DRINK!!!!!!!!!
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    Tasers On Stun

    @maximus otter Figures and definitions are needed to support this statement if it is going to stand. You may find these wikipedia summaries useful. Or not, of course UK USA Frideswide
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    Miscellaneous Ghost Photos & Videos

    snake maybe? and we see the dust and grass moving? I like it - haven't seen it before :)
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    Stuff You've Just Bought

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! :rollingw:
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    Stuff You've Just Bought

    It's another Ducati :) It's my valentine present.
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    The Continuing Insult To The English Language

    Potteries Motor Traction - back in teh 80s anyway :)
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    Stuff You've Just Bought

    It is currently in my garage. :) Edit to add that you can see what lovely weather we are having in Glasgow!
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    Stuff You've Just Bought

    Happy happy joy joy!!!!!! The 900ss was getting to be hard work on my wrists especially. This is more sit-up-and-beg than boy-racer!
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    NY Times British & Irish Dialect Quiz

    Would the Missus be willing to do it?
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    NY Times British & Irish Dialect Quiz

    This is mine. Seems pretty good. I would have thought that the years I spent in England would have made it less clear cut though.
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    The 'Unemployed Again' Thread

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    *arrives with thermos* can I join your club please?

    *arrives with thermos* can I join your club please?
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    Why No Classes On Cryptozoology?

    A small thing but... when I was lecturing and had a tutor group, I used to use forteana as a basis for critical thinking skills. So we'd take a topic, I'd give 5 minutes of salient points including lots of key words. They'd get a week to come back with /everything/ they could find. And then...
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    What's Up At The BBC?

    @drbastard ? rein it in pending discussion please.
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    Evacuation Song On Jukeboxes In Irish Pubs Cira 80s

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    Not Very Interesting Things That Happened Today

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    Fortean Plants (Carnivorous; Man-Eating)

    I wonder if the stories have been fed (!) by people seeing plants flourishing through the remains of an animal or human.
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    Random Australia

    brilliant! The cats do it regularly! :)
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    Help Identifying Weird Short Story About Impossible House

    I#ve gone through the whole thing a handful of times. I was lost in it first time through, the nightmare quality was vividly experienced! Something, many things, come out for me on each rereading :)
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    Random Stuff From Your Neck O' The Woods

    Has the Haggis Hunt ever been confined to men only? Some of teh Ridings were/are I think.
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    Forgotten History

    No skull so we won't get a similar reconstruction of the Red Lady of Paviland. Although I suppose she is now part of the conspiracy having been discovered to be the Red Man of Paviland.
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    Serial Killers

    I know. I think at this stage there is a faint hope that some questions might be answered. Most families seem to say (totally unscientific impression) that it's the not knowing which is the worst, as the years mount up.
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    Forgotten History

    So you want them to fiddle the likelihoods so that Rattled of Tunbridge Wells doesn't twist her pearls so tight she throttles herself? :rollingw: I saw a set of the reconstructions in the Mail on line. One of them was dark. What's the problem? Hunck's post above sets out where we are at the...
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    Back Issues Of QUEST Magazine By Marian Green

    This is really rather exciting @_Danforth_ I've read a number of quests and thoroughly enjoyed them - it's very much coloured by one person's take on things and so there is a coherent aspect to them. I think I'm actually looking for a reference from Quest. OK if I dig it out?
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    Back Issues Of QUEST Magazine By Marian Green

    Suggestion (not mine alas!): can you write to the owner and ask if you can put some old issue scans up? Linking to the site would be a good way to encourage continued publication so I vote for that too!
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    POLL: What Stance Should Forteans Take Toward Anomalous Phenomena?

    This ^^^^^ Are you still here PeniG?
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    Aleister Crowley

    it's the wings...... and thank you :)
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    The Meaning Of Trees

    Yes, hence Old Man Willow in LOTR I think. Also they are associated with death in much mortuary art.
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    The Meaning Of Trees

    Yes, rowan to keep witches away, elder is an old lady who must be respected and ash is a mean character and you shouldn't sit under them. Apples need to be greeted at Hogmany and must be informed (the same as bees!) if a change happens in the family.
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    The Unwhinge Thread

    That's a definite unwhinge! Mine is that I got a set of the Victoria Plum cross stitch charts for a more than reasonable price. They don';t come up on ebay or etsy. So second unwhinge is that my dutch, backed up with online translation, stood up to the conversation!
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    Antikythera Mechanism

    oo-eer! I mean that * you will be aware of new evidence, or the lack of it * you will have changed as a person, stepping in the same river twice stuff * you will have had time to sift and process
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    Antikythera Mechanism

    I find it's not just doing it again, it's doing it again after the passage of time.
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    Drug-Laced Sweets

    Gordon bennett!
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    Neil Gaiman's American Gods 2017 Trailer

    Love the book! The anniversary audio book is also highly recommended!
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    Subliminal Advertising

    The 1958 film Terror in the Haunted House has at least two "terrifying" faces inserted :) One at about 02.07 and one about 3.07 I think....
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    Threadfinder General: Lost Threads Located

    1958 film Terror in the Haunted House I can see it has a flash of a "terrifying" face inserted. Which thread would be best to note this (to me) interesting moment?