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    Elsagate: Weird Fake Kids-Videos On YouTube

    Is Youtube the nest of a secret web of perversion? 26 November 2017
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    Youtube Viewing Habits...

    (This is a thread to describe things that you habitually view on Youtube.) I never miss videos on this channel: This guy is a machining genius. I've posted some of his videos before, but you really have to see a few complete project series to appreciate what he is capable of. Just one guy...
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    Explain Your Wristwatch

    (This is a thread to explain andor describe your current wristwatch.) My watch is not one of these: or one of these: or even one of these: No, my watch is almost exactly like this...
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    AFVs of WW2

    :tank: A Russian T-34 in action. (A thread to discuss armored fighting vehicles of World War 2.) (Tanks, tankettes, self-propelled guns, armored cars, tank destroyers, etc.) First up, the Sherman Tank.
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    Homo Erectus, Etc.

    :confused: This is sort of a "walk-through" type of thing, to see if I've got all this straight. (Which I probably don't, because my research is based entirely on watching documentaries that mostly seem to contradict each other, and examining the little plastic models of hominids available in...
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    Random/Peculiar Images

    This is a thread for any random and/or peculiar images that you might have.
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    Wikipedia: Censorship, Revenge Edits, and Bribes

    Wikipedia's Dark Side: Censorship, Revenge Editing & Bribes I always thought there was something a bit "off" about Wikipedia. Entries changing or vanishing entirely, the tone of articles going from banal to hysterical, etc.
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    "Fannish" Projects

    This is a thread for discussing creative works created by enthusiasts of things. Here is a pretty decent one. Nightwing: The Series - Episode 1 [Deathstroke] - YouTube "Slade!" "It's Deathstroke now!"