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    Dream church?

    This is a strange one, possibly not "Fortean" as such, and may possibly end up in the "It Didn't Happen To Me!" section, but we'll see... I might well be losing it, but last night, I woke up in the small hours having dreamed of a derelict church, and it's been driving me mad all day today, in...
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    Pub Closures

    My work sometimes takes me into the licensed trade and obviously things have been pretty grim there for some time. Breweries have been closing pubs all over the place, if you are prepared to take on the lease to a boozer they will practically give you the keys no questions asked. Landlords in...
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    BBC TV Life after death?

    OK, a long shot but worth a punt.... I'm looking for details on a program which aired on BBC TV (probably BBC2) oh, about 8-10 years ago, something along the lines of an Arena, Horizon sort of show. I seem to recall the BBC were having a little season of these type of affairs, concerning life...
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    Dangerous Dogs

    With the current furore in the British media about dangerous dogs, and that perhaps the legislation brought in in 1991 (Amd. 1997) needs another look, something stirred at the back of my mind. Does anyone recall, back in the early 1990s, just before the Dangerous Dogs Act was brought in, all...