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  1. captain_bats

    The Witch

    It's not so clear from the screenshot, but in motion it's very obviously something on top of the image, rather than something physically in the environment.
  2. captain_bats

    The Witch

    I was rewatching this on Blu-Ray recently and noticed something flash up on the screen in the scene when Caleb chases after the hare: 003J I can only assume it's something that shouldn't be there, rather than some sort of subliminal Easter Egg, but it's strange that the director, editor or...
  3. captain_bats

    Ridiculous Typos & Piss-Poor Proof-Reading

    I've come across more than one cleaning job ad that listed 'hovering' as a duty.
  4. captain_bats

    Scientists Unravel Secret Of Cube-Shaped Wombat Faeces

    Perhaps they're on six square meals a day?
  5. captain_bats

    Welcome To The New Board: Technical Problems & Known Issues

    Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work, and congratulations in pulling it off at such short notice. I've been a member of more than one message board that has either fizzled out or disappeared after being executed by corporate overlords, so this is great to see. And I'm sure you'll get...
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    Strange Perfume & A UFO

    That reminds me of watching Batman Forever at the cinema as a child. At one point I remember smelling a distinctive perfume that seemed to reassert itself in my nostrils whenever The Riddler was on screen. I'm guessing the smell wafting in my direction coincided with his first appearance...
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    Not sure if you saw the link in my last post, but there's a ton on the website. A taster:
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    I came across this absurdly detailed collection of dolls a while ago, which features no less than four Hitlers (though one of them is just a head)... and a Joseph Goebbels furniture set! I can't tell whether they're genuine products or some sort of weird art project.
  9. captain_bats

    Don't Change Your E-mail Address!

    Well, this happened to me too: I changed my email address (my old provider cancelled free accounts) but the confirmation email never arrived. I'm usually captain_bats. I don't post much but it'd be nice to open attachments and such without setting up a new email address/account (I registered...
  10. captain_bats

    Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Cereal & Soup

    For me, a hotdog is not a sandwich. As far as I'm concerned a sandwich is bread sliced (or opened) and filled with some (whatever). If some chicken is sandwiched between some bread it becomes a chicken sandwich, but if a chicken is sandwiched between some bread it's still a chicken, albeit in...
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    Makings of the Psi Machine.

    You've all surfed the internet, right? What do you think your board is floating on?
  12. captain_bats

    Abandoned, Disused & Ruinous Places

    Oh, wow. I camped out there a few times with friends back in 2003/04. My friend, who lived in nearby Langley Park, told us there was an urban (rural?) legend of a "six-fingered witch" because of a six-fingered hand print on some of the masonry there. Expecting to see a spooky hand print...
  13. captain_bats

    West African illustrated news stories

    Hello. I was just flicking through an old issue of the magazine (254) and found a West African (it isn't any more specific than that, though searching the name of the guy in the story suggests Nigeria) illustrated news story/cautionary tale. I remember these appearing in more than one issue...