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  1. James_H

    The Bog Wall

    The compiler of this book still haunts us, by the way.
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    Serial Killers

    Forgotten serial killer and UK’s longest-serving inmate could soon walk free [misleading headline – what's actually happened is he's been moved to an open prison]
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    The Bog Wall

  4. James_H

    The Bog Wall

    Finally! It's time for: THE MERRY-THOUGHT: OR, THE Glaſs-Window and Bog-Houſe Miscellany. Taken from The Original Manuscripts written in Diamond by Persons of the first Rank and Figure in Great Britain; relating to Love, Matrimony, Drunkenness, Sobriety, Ranting, Scandal, Politicks, Gaming, and...
  5. James_H

    Game Of Thrones (Spoilers, Beware)

    They were using the night's watch as a pretext to keep Grey Worm happy until he left. They don't exist any more and they fully expected Jon to go off North of the Wall.
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    Game Of Thrones (Spoilers, Beware)

    Yeah, that was ridiculous.
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    Game Of Thrones (Spoilers, Beware)

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    Podcast Section

    Nice one! One of the best podcasters out there imo.
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    Death By Television: The Jeremy Kyle Show

    Jeremy Kyle: more TV show guests killed themselves, it emerges
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    The Good Stuff Online Thread

  11. James_H

    What Music?

    Just went to see Mahler's second symphony for the first time. I've listened to recordings of the piece several times, but live – all I can say is holy shit. It was thrilling.
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    Help With Re-Organisation: Move & Merge Requests

    Two threads with spookily similar titles.
  13. James_H

    Electronic Voice Phenomena ('EVP')

    Andrew Motion heard EVP he believed to be Phillip Larkin speaking from beyond the grave while he worked on the latter's biography.
  14. James_H

    Game Of Thrones (Spoilers, Beware)

    Interesting. I wonder...
  15. James_H


    One thing I noticed on a recent trip to China is that while strip clubs are illegal, pole-dancing studios (as a fitness thing) abound. Also old people are very into keeping fit there.
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    Game Of Thrones (Spoilers, Beware)

    So folks, how do you think it all ends?
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    Movie & TV Stars Dying During Performances Or Productions

    Comedian dies on stage after joking about death 'Ian Cognito' dies in Bicester during his standup routine.
  18. James_H

    What Music?

    Thanks! Thanks! I'll give it a go!
  19. James_H

    What Music?

    Can anyone tell me where to start with the Manic Street Preachers? I've recently been taken by surprise by 'Motorcycle Emptiness', but the lyrics are – and I know this is a controversial standpoint because Richey Manic is so revered – absolute dogshit. Wonderful music, though. I've tried...
  20. James_H

    Origin Of The Label "Hip Hop"

    Right, so all we need now is some illustration from a 17th Century pamphlet of someone doing The Worm.
  21. James_H

    Yamashita's Gold

    Northern Irish wife-murderer Colin Howell lost most of the money he made on his wife's death in a confidence scheme related to Yamashita's gold.
  22. James_H

    Origin Of The Label "Hip Hop"

    On a related note, you can see videos of people breakdancing way back to the 1920s.
  23. James_H

    These Things Don't Happen Much Anymore

    But did they ever really exist or was this just a meme started in and perpetuated by fiction? Can anyone find any reference to a crazy person truly believing they were Napoleon? 'TV Tropes' reckons this particular cliché took off because "possibly because the unusual hat and hand-in-jacket pose...
  24. James_H

    Self-Aware Cat?

    She's thinking 'who's that cat and why's she copying me?'
  25. James_H

    Game Of Thrones (Spoilers, Beware)

    Are we allowed to make predictions here?
  26. James_H

    Game Of Thrones (Spoilers, Beware)

    Terrific episode this week.
  27. James_H

    Random Stuff From Your Neck O' The Woods

    Found this little guy in my new village. Sadly someone had stepped on its neck to kill it and it was dying when I saw it. As far as I can tell it's a (non-venomous) many-spotted cat snake.
  28. James_H

    Could Cabbits Really Exist?

    Cabbits don't exist. Rats, on the other hand...
  29. James_H

    Game Of Thrones (Spoilers, Beware)

    I think the plot and motivations have gone all over the place in the last few seasons. Why bother spending so long crafting characters if they're just going to behave completely randomly at the end? Scripting has got really bad too.
  30. James_H

    Game Of Thrones (Spoilers, Beware)

    I'm losing my goodwill towards this season. That was so stupid. Daenarys can't see the Ships, from her vantage point of high up in the sky, where she should be able to see for miles? Then by surprise, a whole fleet is right there, and close enough for fighting? It's an insult to the...
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    Things I Don't Give a Rat's Arse About

    Sargon of Akkad hasn't aged well.
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    The Stuff It List

    You can't come to my funeral then.
  33. James_H

    The Stuff It List

    Aren't you in Norfolk? When in Rome...
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    Words And Phrases We Should Use More Often!

    It's quite unusual and old fashioned. Sounds kind of 18th century to me.
  35. James_H

    Words And Phrases We Should Use More Often!

    I used to know an Irish traveller girl who called everyone she didn't like a 'blackguard'. There's an old school phrase that needs a comeback.
  36. James_H

    Words And Phrases We Should Use More Often!

    'very well'. It sounds so much more evil than a simple 'ok'.
  37. James_H

    What Are You Listening To?

    I've been listening to a podcast called 'it could happen here', exploring the possibility of a second American civil war in the near future. It's well-written but has a noticeable left-wing bias and at points even feels like incitement (he's more or less encouraging leftists to stock up on guns...
  38. James_H

    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    Durian, the marmite of fruits.
  39. James_H

    Words & Phrases You Never Want To Hear Again

    Stand up comedy as business presentation:
  40. James_H

    Not Very Interesting Things That Happened Today

    It's finally over. And so ends the boringest day of my life. They really could have told us all the information in one hour.
  41. James_H

    Let's Get To Know (and possibly see) Our Fellow Forteans

    Where's the beard, Zeke?
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    Not Very Interesting Things That Happened Today

    My bandmate signed us up to a kind of artist development program. We have to attend or lose a deposit. First up: a seven-hour seminar on sound engineering. In Chinese.
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    The Good Stuff Online Thread

    This is legitimately astonishing
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    What Music?

  45. James_H

    What Music?

    A long week over, with a hell of a lot more long weeks coming. So it's a good time to kick back with some large melodies.
  46. James_H

    Missing In Action: Posters Who Have Wandered Off

    Where's INT21?
  47. James_H

    Let's Get To Know (and possibly see) Our Fellow Forteans

    But are you always in black and white?
  48. James_H

    How 'Alien' Might Aliens Be? (Biologically; Mentally)?

    Extraterrestrials Might Look Like Us, Says Astrobiologist
  49. James_H

    A London ‘Bloodbath'

    Point taken!
  50. James_H

    Humour & Jokes

    Never knew that this was what I've been waiting to see my whole life...