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    What Were You Doing Five Minutes Ago?

    Oh, and rhubarb mixed with yoghurt makes an excellent pudding.
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    What Were You Doing Five Minutes Ago?

    Cheese and celery sandwiches are a delicacy in my house.
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    Eurovision: ESC 2019

    At least with France you could say, fancy that, a fat ballet dancer/deaf dancer, so there was a novelty factor. Slovenia was like the prelude to the Eastern European version of Straw Dogs.
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    Ghosts (Sitcom)

    "...twenty or twenty-five years..."
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    Catwoman with...
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    Ghosts (Sitcom)

    Tonight's had an "end of the series" mood, but I think there's one more to go. The details are great, like the fraudster using handwash after shaking hands with them! The pilot ghosts were very funny.
  7. GNC

    Horror TV

    Werewolves, not swearwolves.
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    Russell T. Davies' Years And Years

    Me three! But then I remembered we had five episodes to go, and the programme was not going to shoot its bolt that soon.
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    Adventures In Sleep Paralysis

    If you've convinced yourself you've banished it, that will probably be enough to get rid of it. If it hasn't returned in years, then I doubt it will return at all, it might just be something you "grow out of", for want of a better phrase, like sleepwalking.
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    Strange Deaths

    Are there increasing numbers of dangerous cults arising in the world right now? Seems to be one in the news every week now. There's even a new one mentioned as the first story in the latest FT. Say what you like about Christianity, most people don't go to church to fire crossbow bolts at each...
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    Adventures In Sleep Paralysis

    Sounds awful! Interesting you say sleeping on your back would trigger it, suggesting a physical cause as well as a psychological one. Maybe more a physical one, in fact?
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    Any relation to Tom Sawyer's girlfriend?

    Any relation to Tom Sawyer's girlfriend?
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    Eurovision: ESC 2019

    Yeah, that was much better than Madge struggling to sing over a death knell. And the lady from Milk and Honey was on too!
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    Horror TV

    Hmm... WWDitS was OK, I suppose, I laughed a few times and it is promising, but I was a shade underwhelmed. Not as funny as the film, basically. Ghosts does much the same thing (without the snazzy visual effects) and is a lot funnier. Apparently it takes a while to find its feet, though. The...
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    Eurovision: ESC 2019

    There was no way we were going to win with a chap who looked like he'd been pulled out of the audience.
  16. GNC

    Horror TV

    What We Do in the Shadows, TV version, starts tonight on BBC2 in the UK, at 21.45. If it's as funny as the film, it'll be well worth tuning for - Matt Berry's in it, for a start.
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    The Whinge Thread, Resurrected

    Hey, I don't have a problem with delivery drivers - as I've said, I've found they always do the job as required. I don't know where the anti-delivery drivers are being hired from.
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    Eurovision: ESC 2019

    I'm just glad the night went by without anyone dropping a bomb. Apart from the UK act, that was.
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    Stripping Lessons

    Hooray, I have a clean mind! I've never found gymnastics a turn-on!
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    Death By Television: The Jeremy Kyle Show

    More Jeremy Kyle guests have killed themselves: Depressing report This is starting to look like the tip of the iceberg, though I hope there's no more, this is bad enough.
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    Who's Margaret Thatcher?

    Who's Margaret Thatcher?
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    Eurovision: ESC 2019

    That is fantastic! I imagine she was pulling the same faces throughout Madonna's set too (everybody else was).
  23. GNC

    No, Torin Thatcher played Pendragon in Jack the Giant Killer, but he didn't fly on one.

    No, Torin Thatcher played Pendragon in Jack the Giant Killer, but he didn't fly on one.
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    Books Of Note

    The Fellowship of Scottish Buses During Deregulation, The Two Scottish Buses During Deregulation, The Return of the Scottish Buses During Deregulation. That should do it.
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    Eurovision: ESC 2019

    Reading about online, Madge might have done better without displaying the Palestinian flag, didn't go down too well. And Iceland started showing Palestinian flags too when the camera cut to them during the voting (and cut away pretty sharpish). I don't watch Eurovision for politics! It's nice...
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    While out riding my bike in the nip I lift my haunches and let rip
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    The Whinge Thread, Resurrected

    I must be really lucky, I've never had this problem when I've ordered a parcel (touch wood). The new Ken Loach film asks us to take pity on a parcel delivery driver - I'm guessing it won't find a sympathetic audience.
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    Charity Shop & Poundshop Finds

    Fortean issue in Lost Highway: the plot's about a man accused of murdering his wife. It features Robert Blake's final role before he was arrested for murdering his wife. (Blake was freed after a court case).
  29. GNC

    Wacko Jacko

    Why are they advertising it with a photo of Damon Albarn?
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    Eurovision: ESC 2019

    Well, the bookie's favourite won for a change, congratulations Netherlands, even if I thought your song was a bit ho-hum. But that voting was brutal, UK in last position, maybe a sign to stop with the quasi-inspirational anthems? They don't do us any good. The Swedish singer's face when the...
  31. GNC

    New Thunderbirds Series For ITV

    Hey, Thunderbirds are Go is back (this morning), and the word is Jeff Tracy is actually going to be in this series now. Voiced by... The Six Million Dollar Man himself, Lee Majors! So he's Ash from Evil Dead's dad, and the Tracy brothers' dad too. Busy man.
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    Stripping Lessons

    How about you try some pole dancing at your local playpark and we'll see how long it takes for the rozzers to arrive.
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    Strange Deaths

    Many a true word spoken in jest, OWB.
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    What Were You Doing Five Minutes Ago?

    If Tigerhawk stands up at the dinner table and unzips his fly, get the hell out of there.
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    Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghost Hunters & Hunting

    You have to pull a lot of tricks to do a successful stage séance, get to know the background of the participants so you can pretend the spirits have info about them, learn table tipping, etc. It's a good thing you don't have to do the ectoplasm thing anymore! I recommend Derren Brown's Séance...
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    Upcoming DC Comics Adaptations

    Robert Pattinson's a very good actor, and has proven himself time and time again. But you play one sparkly vampire...
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    Stephen King

    His fantasy novel Eyes of the Dragon is being adapted for TV: More Steve Same TV channel as 11/22/63 and Castle Rock, so it might be OK. Not that I've seen Castle Rock yet. And EotD is not one of my favourite Kings, either.
  38. GNC

    Blitz Limericks

    The mighty lizard looked likely to poop as it fell from the sky with a swoop The band S Club 7 Turned their gaze towards heaven And the creature splattered the whole group. *** I don't want to sound here too drastic But I know what to do with waste plastic
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    What TV Are You Watching?

    Anyone watch the new Shane Meadows series, The Virtues? Not much happened in episode 1, but a lot went on, if you see what I mean. Excellent Stephen Graham performance, but I suppose Meadows knows how to play to his strengths by now. Intrigued to see what the big secret is.
  40. GNC

    Iron Sky

    Weird to see Tom Green playing his role so straight, I agree, he must have calmed down considerably since the 90s.
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    Superionic Ice: Hot & Black

    I bloody hope not!
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    Top one's Animal from The Muppets.
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    The Voynich Manuscript

    I knew it was too good to be true. Shows how you (or I) can be blinded by pseudoscience if it sounds authentic enough, I suppose.
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    Morris Day and the Time are up.

    Morris Day and the Time are up.
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    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    "It's for yoo-hoo!"
  46. GNC

    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    Aren't the Harvard Lampoon notorious assholes anyway? They were back in the 1970s and 80s, anyway.
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    The news about Mick Jagger’s heart Brings hope to THIS aged old fart! Up and down he jumps
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    Eurovision: ESC 2019

    Denmark was so sweet I almost got toothache, liked Latvia too (bit repetitive, but shame it didn't go through), Norway's yodeller (?) completely made their performance, Albania - why? She wasn't even in tune. It was the cleavage, wasn't it? Ireland oddly subdued, but bad luck anyway. Malta's...
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    Strange Deaths

    Gawd, it's not Gor again, is it?
  50. GNC

    Stripping Lessons

    The beard is a giveaway.