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    FT 271

    Odd object embedded in flint- letters page I just read the digital version- okay, the letters page has something that really struck me. This is a reader that submitted a real-looking (at least) anomalous out-of-place geological oddity! Get thee to your nearest university geology department, or...
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    D.B. Cooper: The Parachuting Airline-Hijacker

    They might have found the parachute, but it isn't certain- I'm not sure how to post a permanent link, sorry if this goes away:
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    "Lizard Man" in South Carolina?

    Wow, I remember years and years ago someone, maybe my uncle (who lives in Columbia, South Carolina) mentioning folkloric/media-hype tales of the Lizardman. That must have been when I was a kid, 25-30 years ago. I guess it enjoyed a brief notoriety for a while but I never heard any more about it.
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    Buy FT in Los Angeles?

    I've been searching for the latest issue- it hasn't turned up at the usual places. Where do you SoCal Forteans buy the magazine? Places I've usually found it: 1. Newstand on Robertson Blvd. at Pico. They usually have it only a month or so late. 2. Barnes&Noble on Rosecrans Blvd. near...
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    Ancient Romans Trained Eels

    Okay, maybe I've been taken in by a UL, but tonight my wife told me that SHE heard from SOMEBODY that the ancient Romans not only kept eels as beloved pets (okay, confirmed by Google), but also they had them TRAINED to hop out of their garden pond and wriggle around 'in terra' on voice command...
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    The Museum of Jurassic Technology

    Yes that place is great! It cracks me up when I visit and just wander around with a happy feeling of confusion. I love going with people and relishing their total bemusement also. We're lucky to have a place like that in a non-descript part of Los Angeles.
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    Here's a good one: curious New York City subway from 1870. Cars tastefully appointed in velvet and wicker chairs. It was accidentally rediscovered when they were building the current sytem in the Teens.
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    The Thread Of Sherlock Holmes

    Wow I loved Stephen Fry in 'Wilde' and his little part in 'Longitude' was totally cool! But isn't he a, generously proportioned?
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    Jefferson and the Man In Black

    That's a bad translation for the Latin- you can google it for a better one (better than I can remember here).
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    The Dog That Turned Into Green Mist, Cows Standing On Hind Legs & Other Cases Of Gibbering Insanity

    Re: Maybe not weird enough... That sounds like a mass of caterpillars. They get together and feed or something- I've seen wriggling masses in trees. Maybe that was what it?
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    Project UFO - Based on Project Bluebook

    I remember the 'UFOs' were all really high-tech and hardware looking. Not like Spielberg's elfin lights. You could tell they 'kit-bashed' WWII tank and bomber pastic model kits to build the saucers. There was one episode where a child living in the Southwestern US or Mexico described a...
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    How to pick up airmen and sheep

    I have this book, "Project Coldfeet", by the Naval Institute Press where the US finds an abondoned Soviet ice station on an Arctic ice floe. The station has all kinds of cool stuff, so the CIA has this guy who parachutes down, grabs a bunch of booty, and gets picked up with the Fulton Skyhook...
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    This is kind of dumb, but on the elevator (lift) in my building, there is a sign that says "In case of fire, do not become alarmed. Press button marked Alarm and await help".
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    Strange Clusters of Animal Bones

    I used to live in Pensacola, Florida and would make frequent forays into the sparsely populated regions of southern Alabama. There were all sorts of weird and wonderful out-of-the-way places back on those sandy roads.
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    Mad Cat Flap Attack

    Well whatever it was keep Daisy inside for a few days until it moves on!
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    Flatulence Deodouriser: Proven Effective in Gulf War

    It sounds like your boss missed a chance to save some money by supplementing the office heating system with natural methane emissions!
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    Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Sprites & Other Little Folk

    I've always wondered something: would it be so bad to be trapped in Fairyland? There was a lot of dancing, drinking, and eating of fine victuals, right? And everything was painfully beautiful? Maybe someone better versed in the lore could clue me in and list the downside of this. I know the...
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    Nasa hiding true colours

    Usul, we have wormsign!
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    Holiday at haunted Hotel del Coronado

    I had dinner at the Del a couple of years ago with some of my family. I felt a strange compulsion to put on a wig, heels and a frock and make wolf eyes at Marilyn while fending off the advances of Osgood Fielding the III.
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    Mars landings

    Here here! Even though it didn't achieve every one of its' objectives, putting a piece of Earth hardware on an alien planet is a fantastic accomplishment. The British scientists and engineers that worked on Beagle are heroes.
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    Indochinese Cryptid: Ingot / Lingot? (& Vanished French Regiment?)

    Wow, that's definitely some High Strangeness! I'd love to know more.
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    What Do You Tell The Children?

    Jeez, if I had a kid, and he/she said "Daddy- I'm scared- I saw a ghost" I'd be like, "Really??!! Wow- what was it like- can I see it too?" Kids have so many advantages as far as seeing things in new ways and being able to experience the mysteries of the mundane. The only damn thing under my...
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    "The Entity": Real Or Hoax?

    Hmm, well, Barbara Hershey... can you blame it? If I were non-corporeal and trapped between dimensions...well I wouldn't, but SOME would.
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    A Big Puzzle (Chaos & Gridlock Caused by Sales & Shopping)

    Herding instict! Why do all those sheep move under a tree and then get zapped by a well-placed bolt of lightning? Why do Americans go to a bar known to "be frequented by Americans" and get blown up by a car bomb?
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    Fortean Art

    I've always totally dug Caspar David Friedrich, with his imposing landcapes and solitary figures.
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    sound and physiological effects

    That's on CD- I have it. It's out of print? In the Coil article that appeared in FT a couple of years ago, didn't they talk a lot about using sound for mind-altering and physically distorting purposes? Anyone interested might have a look in the archives.
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    Haunted Hollywood

    Yeah, Hollywood definitely has it's seamy side- junky shops catering to tourists, low-income housing covered in grafitti with broken down cars and stray dogs running around. Cheap divey bars. Very atmospheric! It's the old (almost eighty years!) architecture and of course, rich history that...
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    Haunted Hollywood

    Lemme know if anybody wants me to run up to Hollywood and check on any reputedly haunted locales. I live near there.
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    Hampton Court Ghost

    Why are they so sure it wasn't somebody dressed up in 16th cent. finery? On CNN they said some of the tour guides did that.
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    Spielberg's "Taken"

    'Taken' on Sci Fi Channel Has the UFO miniseries 'Taken' been on telly yet over there? I just watched all the DVDs. It's quite a soap opera, but I was really into it!
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    Firing Guns Into the Air in Celebration - Dangerous?

    I think a few years ago, or maybe it was in the 1980s. a little girl was killed here on New Year's Eve by a bullet returning to earth. Around the New Years the L.A. County Sherriff's Dept. runs billboard and bus ads telling people not to shoot guns off in the city limits. I didn't hear any gun...
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    Forgotten Tube Stations

    Ah! Brings back memories... About ten years ago me and some other idiot art school chums would go on midnight excursions down subway tunnels in New York. This was before the days where we would be arrested immediately by federal security forces and reamed by Homeland Security! Anyway, there...
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    Can Insect (etc.) Venom Poison Wine, Juice, and Other Foodstuffs?

    They make wine in big giant vats and casks, and store them for weeks or months in big barrels. I suppose grape juice is made in similarly large quantities. The amount of venom in a scorpion or black widow is enough to make you sick, but it's tiny! That would be less than a drop in a big vat...
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    The Jumping Man

    I just don't get it- sorry I'm being so dense. You mean, you jump up in the air and come down on the biscuit or eggs or whatever, and just as you touch them, you leap again? But what do you push off of? Please let me know before I crush another box of Oreos ( or do they have to be Carrs or...
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    The Jumping Man

    What? So what do you do, you can jump on a biscuit and not break it or something?
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    Unusual Phone Calls

    I love this thread! Imagine, with the countless millions of telephones, switches, central offices, mobile phones and voice mail systems, what weird stuff can happen on the telephone network every day. Not just people scamming people, but just totally random strange things! There must be millions...
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    Pull up a sandbag....

    Last month I got to see a B1B bomber light up its' afterburners at night. They are yellow-orange, at least from where I was looking. That thing really moved! And they can only light them off for a few seconds. Anything that lights up the afterburners is gone in no time- you won't have a chance...
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    Ouija Boards

    Looking back on it now, a lot of wildly improbable things seemed possible when I was a teenager. A lot of them even happened!
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    Kitties Lend A Helping Paw

    We're talking about cats here. I'm SURE they had an ulterior motive. They didn't get to be our favorite furry feline companions by being altruistic!:miaow:
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    "Unknown blood-suckers discovered in Kiwi waters"

    Re: "Unknown blood-suckers discovered in Kiwi waters&qu Reason #3487 to never "get out of the boat"!
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    Festivals of Death

    Yeah, there's definitely an element of fun and whimsey in the "Day of the Dead", but the shrines celebrating the beloved dead friends and relatives are very touching and express strong emotion. It's not morbid or spooky at all- it's a loving celebration of people thought to have crossed over...
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    Festivals of Death

    It's popular here amongst the Latino community in Los Angeles, and everybody gets a kick out of it. At Olvera Street, which is a popular historical tourist draw downtown, families bring their kids,people are dressed in their Sunday best, and you can buy candy skulls and skeletons. The tsatske...
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    I love that movie! (Yes, I'm sad). I think it was very Steampunk, like some aspects of the original show, in a gimmicky gadgety way.
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    The Tinfoil Hat / Helmet

    Re: Re: the "metal hat" Yeah, the new US helmets are Kevlar. SWAT teams and riot police use them too.
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    Lets storm Area 51!

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    Re: Re: Fear (I don't want to demean your obviously meaningful feelings about this, but..)That's the SPIRIT!! If I'm ever abducted, God grant me the strength to dislocate some spindly limbs and FIGHT! Imagine, those swollen, distended criania would probably split open and spill their...
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    That Annoying HUM!

    Especially with Staintunes and a 944 kit!
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    That Annoying HUM!

    Yeah, you guys should do something. If anything, if the County or whatever relevant authority investigates, maybe we'll learn something about this interesting phenomenon. Good luck.
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    The Ghost Of Flight 401

    There was an old joke I heard regarding U.S. Military aviation (forgive the Americanisms- you'll get the idea): Military jets: 1. Designed by people with PhDs, 2. Flight tested by people with Masters' degrees, 3. Flown by people with Bachelors' degrees, 4 Maintained by high-school...
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    UFOs: Seen One?

    Two EXPLAINED sightings: 1. I was out in the California desert north of the 29 Palms Marine Corps Base, and saw some Air Force planes doing a mid-air refueling manoeuver. It was pretty high up, with a C-130 tanker feeding two smaller planes from its' wingtips. They were too high up for me to...