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    The sad, sad nature of Psi Research

    The Bem research has brought in quite a bit of attention. Not surprisingly, CSI soon brought out a response, from James Alcock: ... the_future Bem responded to this: ... nts_on_bem And Alcock responded back...
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    Communing with spiders

    I have little to add to this thread, other than the OP's story is really nice, despite my dislike of arachnids. I originally read the thread title as "Commuting with Spiders", thinking I was about to read a story about a guy who brought spiders with him when travelling to work.
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    Odd Dreams Of Relatives Who've Passed Over

    I've never had a dream like this, but a few months back my mother had a very vivid dream about her mother, who passed away just two years back. The dream featured nothing remarkable at first, but at one point my mom got taken to a house in a run-down part of town. At first she was scared, but...
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    Questionably Authentic and Disturbing Cartoons & Cartoon UL's

    I came across this disturbing story from an animation intern at Nickelodeon. The story has turned up in a couple of places online, so I'm not sure what the original source is. Anyway: WARNING - Some might find the content of this link disturbing True or not, it freaked the hell out of me...
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    First Interest in Fortean Topics

    Like other people here, my first exposure was in the Reader's Digest book Mysteries of the Unexplained. My aunt had a copy, and every time we visited their house I'd get the book and read if for practically the whole day. I loved stories like Spring-Heeled Jack and the Devil's Footprints. Other...
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    Most Frightening/Un-Nerving Song

    I've always been creeped out by the final track on the Butthole Surfers' album Locust Abortion Technician, "22 Going on 23". Basically, it's a recording of a young woman calling into a radio show about her rape, while distoted music plays in the background. Also, "Star Bellied Boy" by riot...
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    ghosts: scary?

    For the most part the concept of a ghost does not really scare me, although I don't think I'd fancy being condemned to haunt the same house for eternity after I die. There have been exceptions to this, however, such as the Hexham Heads story. So I vote for "sometimes".
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    What are the most impressive UFO cases?

    Thanks for the feedback so far, guys. I've been curious about Redhelsam Forest, which was often cited as a good case a few years back. Has the story still held up? How about Cash-Landrum and the Lubbock Lights?
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    What are the most impressive UFO cases?

    I've been getting back into UFOs and the paranormal as a topic of interest recently. I've been curious as to what are generally considered the most impressive UFO cases - the ones which have been hardest to debunk, or which leave little to no doubt that SOMETHING interesting is going on...
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    Is This Book Good?

    Thanks for that. I'll definitely buy the book.
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    Is This Book Good?

    I've always had an interest in the paranormal, and naturally I like to read Fortean Times. But I confess to knowing very little about Fort himself - so I've been thinking of buying this: ... 240&sr=1-2 Would anyone here recommend it?
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    "Good" UFO Books

    "UFOs - the Final Answer?" is a collection of essays from different writers, edited by David and Therese Marie Barclay. It has contributions from both believers and sceptics; all of the essays (bar one dubious overview of ancient astronauts) are intelligent and well-written, and address all and...
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    Predictions They'd Rather Forget No.1

    We have a book at home from aroung 1993 or so about Nostradamus predictions (or, at least, the author's interpretation of them). Quite funny to read what was apparently to take place in the past decade without anybody noticing, including aliens landing and revealing themselves to the whole...
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    Pope Benedict XVI

    Some recent controversy over the lifting of an excommunication of a bishop: ... enier.html Richard Willamson is a Holocaust denier, a 9/11 "truther", an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, believes women should be denied a higher education and equal...
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    X-Files Intro

    Speaking of the X-Files opening sequence, does anybody know what the hand moving over blue symbols part is supposed to be? Always curious about that.
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    Wired for Weird

    Some here might enjoy, a humourous guide to Internet quackery in all its various guises - Jack Chick, Time Cube, crazy Scientologists, eternal life rings, people who think they're Jesus.... May I also recommend and...