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    Question For The British

    Fag also has connotations with public school. Roald Dahl had an entertaining take on it in his autobiographical "Boy"
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    Strange Strangers

    I have been known to compliment a pretty coat before. I'm a woman, and am genuinely liking the clothes not Trying to be a creeper. It's not something often do, as I'm quite an introvert in real life, but I have complimented boots, shoes and suits in my time. I have also had some of my goods and...
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    Strange Strangers

    I used to know someone who would mentally rehearse their (conversational) argument before bringing the topic up. Thing is, it really didn't matter what the other person said or did, my acquaintance would still cycle through the argument as if I'd screamed no, punched them in the face, then stuck...
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    Question For The British

    Yes, milk in coffee doesnt seem to be a thing. At breakfast we just got the little cartons of milk for cereal and sneaked them into the coffee. We were milk smugglers!
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    Question For The British

    I think I wrote about this on the Board before, but I almost caused an incident in Florida by asking for a white coffee. I swear the place fell silent like it was one of those cliched westerns until the waitress asked if I meant a coffee with cream. Why yes, yes I did. Asking for white or black...
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    Creepiest Fortean Story?

    Dramarama had some corkers, some of which I still think of today (It was Dramarama and Picture Box that used to regularly creep us younguns out at school).
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    Cluedo/Clue: The Game Of Murder

    I havent played Cluedo for years, but it was the source of much fun in the past. It is only fitting then that i consider Clue to be a top notch film! Very quotable. As for other films based on games would Ouija count?
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    Identifying Some 1970s Supernatural TV Dramas (UK)

    Just popping in to say that Sapphire and Steel is a quality bit of kit that still stands up today. Transuranic heavy elements may not be used where there is life.
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    Creepiest Fortean Story?

    Plus EnolaGaia nailed it in the suggested searches - go mods!
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    Creepiest Fortean Story?

    It's delicious! Genuinely one that pops into my mind every so often - and I would never have connected your post, because I was convinced JB1968 experienced it in an office. I'm glad we're both sorted!:cool:
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    Creepiest Fortean Story?

    Ahhhhh, after vaguely searching on and off for (literally) years, I found it! And managed to get almost every detail wrong. It is post #40 on the "anyone seen a ghost?" Thread, by Jonnyboy1968. He worked in a youth hostel, said see you on Saturday, and the voice said no. Still creepy though...
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    Subliminal Advertising

    That is very cool. One of the commenters (EAnneH) links to Apparently there are a few of them in the film.
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    Horror Films

    Of course! I love the Amicus portmanteaus. Nice call.
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    Horror Films

    It's what makes the world go round! I was wracking my brain trying to think of any other haunted picture horrors - apart from Dorian Gray and a Stephen King short story, I'm drawing (lol) a blank. Does anyone have any haunted art film recs? It seems like a great opportunity, and I can't believe...
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    Horror Films

    I thought the trailer looked good, and haunted paintings are always going to be a winner, but I'm afraid I just didn't like this one at all. There was a good story in there, but the surrounding pretentious art world bits were imho overlong and dull. This might have been better as pure horror...
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    Out Of Place Animals

    :( This is genuinely sad on many levels. RIP Trevor
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    Creepiest Fortean Story?

    Oh, that's my terrible memory I suspect that I just read them both at the same time, of course that doesn't mean they were posted at the same time! Thanks for looking though, I'll have a trawl through my emails and see if anything comes up.
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    Creepiest Fortean Story?

    There was a story, I *think* it might have been the phantom cigarette smoker thread, or one posted at that time. Handily, my terrible memory can't be more specific. The poster worked at an allegedly haunted office, and one Friday, being the last one out, called out "See you on Monday". Directly...
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    Phone Call From The Dead

    I love this topic and I'm glad it has been bumped. There is something I find creepy about telephones anyway - especially if the call is unexpected or late night etc. I think it's the sense of anticipation, not being sure what might be lurking at the end. In a similar vein, my local cattery...
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    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    I see what you did there. I LOLed
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    Post-Apocalypse Movies

    It's maybe not often one can say that...
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    Shadow Spider

    That does sound scary - but I know I've read some similar events on this forum. I can't link them, as I am technologically inept,but search for the threads 'a spikey thing' and 'scariest fortean thing that happened to you' - these have similar accounts.
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    Adults Posing As Schoolchildren

    I read the sample and, overuse of the thesaurus aside, it does seem an intriguing tale. I was surprised that no one really seems to have commented on the book - There are no reviews I can see, anyway.
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    What TV Are You Watching?

    Well, cheerio Luther. It's been emotional.
  25. ravensocks

    What TV Are You Watching?

    I flipping love Luther - creepy, violent, over the top fun!
  26. ravensocks

    Help Identifying Weird Short Story About Impossible House

    PS you mentioned Thomas Ligotti, who I'd never heard of, his work sounds intriguing - I'll check him out, thanks for the rec!
  27. ravensocks

    Help Identifying Weird Short Story About Impossible House

    Hee! I like to think so - unfortunately I often find myself in the minority :jtease: I really liked the book. There are a number of intersecting stories going on, so I wonder if you had come across the investigation part (The Navidson Record). I think it is well written, and it's fun to follow...
  28. ravensocks

    Help Identifying Weird Short Story About Impossible House

    House of Leaves? But it's not a short story. Quite the opposite. Edit- author Mark Z. Danielewski, oops forgot the important bit.
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    Pictures & Stories That Could Be Ghosts But Aren’t

    Ha, joke's on you as I can see a face in the middle right. Cool photo!
  30. ravensocks

    Do You See The Dog In The Water? (Hugh Gray Nessie Photo; 1933)

    In some misremembered, false memory sort of way, I have seen this photo before BUT I remember the dog being much clearer - still a little ambiguous, but once you saw him, clearly a lab-type face. This version, I cannot see it at all. Is there another version of this photo, or am I having a...
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    The Continuing Insult To The English Language

    I'm cured! Wow, like, thanks! (dammit)...
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    The Continuing Insult To The English Language

    Hurrah! Comrades in arms, like.
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    Films Better Than The Book ?

    I have to confess that I loved (and actually still love) The Hobbit book as a young pup. I immediately fell upon LOTR expecting more of the same. Reader, it took me something ridiculous like 7 years to read it. I'd read a section, lose the will to live, give up, come back and have to recap etc...
  34. ravensocks

    The Continuing Insult To The English Language

    I do that, and I have no idea why. If it's any consolation, it jars with me too - when I notice it.
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    Secret Screening

    Hello all I've had a look via search and can't see a similar thread, so hopefully this isn't duplicating anything too important. I've just booked myself into the Cineworld secret screening 10. I've only managed to get to three of these so far (The Heart of the Sea, Triple 9, Love Simon) and I...
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    Strange Statues

    Edit - I haven't quite got the hang of navigation yet. I have just seen the later, lit up photo. Definitely cool, definitely not flapping. As you were!
  37. ravensocks

    Strange Statues

    Are its tentacles solid, or do they flap around in the wind? A slap in the face from a giant squid at the railway station would be a heck of an excuse for missing a dull meeting... Cool squid though
  38. ravensocks

    Threads Thread: 'Clothes Maketh The Man'

    My family and I often say in tones of mock gothic horror "But someone might have died in it...", when showing each other our charity shop finds. We find ourselves hysterically funny, but I can see how others might regard us as weirdos :)
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    Welcome To The New Board: Technical Problems & Known Issues

    Aha! That makes sense - thanks (and huzzah the trophy points survived - I'm easily pleased!)
  40. ravensocks

    Welcome To The New Board: Technical Problems & Known Issues

    Thanks for setting up, glad it all worked well! I'm having one issue, which is I cannot access any threads (apart from the last page of posts) without being kicked out to the "please accept our terms" page. I've accepted it, it doesn't believe me - assuming this is a teething problem, but just...
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    Horror Films

    Went to see 'The Necromancer' this evening. Quite a slow burn, that builds up to a few creepy moments - but a disappointing final third when the big baddie is revealed. Shame, as it was beautifully filmed and had a really interesting idea behind it. No jump scares but unsettling at times, with...
  42. ravensocks

    Inside No. 9

    It was brilliant, but I couldn't really watch it as I am a scardypants. Mind you, I couldnt really watch Ghostwatch either for the same reason. I have it recorded and will watch properly later on in the week... Edited, because I can't type :(
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    Marginalia & Palimpsests

    Oliver Sacks had a wide range of marginalia
  44. ravensocks

    Flash Gordon & Other Bad Films!

    You say that, they'd probably nipped off for a crafty smoke behind the bikeshed once all the kiddiwinks were corralled in the video room! :rollingw:
  45. ravensocks

    Best Villains Of All Time?

    Best villain? Top Dollar. A man with a vision. Warning for fruity language Actually, Michael Wincott had a fair few good baddies in his back catalogue.
  46. ravensocks

    Flash Gordon & Other Bad Films!

    I seem to remember that my school showed Flash Gordon on one of our end of term fun days, I must have been about 6 - maybe younger. While I love the film, I've never been convinced it was suitable 6year old fare, do often wonder if I was having some very odd film related false memory! Ace film...
  47. ravensocks

    TV Broadcasts From The Future & Phantom Websites

    It's good to see the First Direct advert, but it doesn't seem to be very similar to Nick's description. The fact it was BBC, the wrong year, the buildings etc. Was there another FD ad?
  48. ravensocks

    Attacks By Seagulls

    A nicer seagull story - if you ignore the whole shop lifting thing. Actually I'm sure I posted that here before, maybe in this very thread. Or else stole it from here before - memory is such a difficult thing to keep track of sometimes. I once had a seagull eat a chip out of my hand on...