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    Hi there, I'm trying to find some info on Babyface Cave in Clevedon, which I know you've...

    Hi there, I'm trying to find some info on Babyface Cave in Clevedon, which I know you've mentioned in a post a while ago referencing an article in 3rd Stone Magazine, but sadly that link's not working any more. Have you got any clue where I could find out a bit more about this? I live just down...
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    Real-Life 'Urban Legend' Purple Aki Jailed

    Few months old now, still a good read though! A bodybuilder accused of harassing a police officer after trying to grope him in the toilets at an event has been cleared. ... ke-2527266
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    Incredible lucid dream

    I had a lucid dream similar to this a few years ago. When I say similar I mean that there was a seemingly external entity trying to pass on a message. With me it was, like you, a cowled figure. It told me I that although many had tried, non could go any further. However unlike you I didn't wake...
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    Incredible lucid dream

    I had a lucid dream similar to this a few years ago. When I say similar I mean that there was a seemingly external entity trying to pass on a message. With me it was, like you, a cowled figure. It told me I that although many had tried, non could go any further. However unlike you I didn't wake...
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    Winnie the pooh's sock drawer mission

    Does anyone have any experiences of childhood toys coming to life? When I was about five I witnessed my Winnie the Pooh toy walk over to my sock drawer and go rummaging through it, although god alone knows what he was after? Socks I suppose... Anyway, that was 34 years ago and to this day I...
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    Are zombies supernatural?

    Zombies, bloody everywhere these days aren't they? Back when I was growing up (I'm 38 now) zombies were relegated to scratchy VHS copies or late night movies on one of the four channels we were restricted to back then. But I was always fascinated by them, because almost every film I watched...
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    Has anyone else stuck with this? I don't mind a bit of the old ultra violence but even I found some scenes difficult to watch, nonetheless I've really enjoyed this series which is unlike anything else I've seen (well, outside a Chris Morris sketch anyway). Only one more episode to go, and...
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    Mysterious Universe

    Are there any other fellow Mysterious Universe podcast listeners out there? I discovered these guys about a year ago, having trawled for many months through a slew of paranormal-themed podcast and being mostly disappointed with what I found. MU is head and shoulders (and torso and legs...
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    Ghosts in the Bristol area

    Hi all, I just watched this YouTube video about Worlebury Woods which has some interesting snippets about the area's bloody history. I don't think there are any documented "hauntings" but that might just be because no one has spent any time investigating the area. Watch the video and see...
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    The Anguished Man - Haunted Painting

    Really? I found it quite disturbing, then again that's art for ya!
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    Ghosts in the Bristol area

    I reckon we've got ourselves a proper little ghosthunting group! Are there any others in and around Bristol (or further afield if you don't mind travelling) who'd be up for meeting sometime? C'mon, don't be shy...
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    Visited by a Fairy

    That would be "children's" you meant there then, seeing as we're pointing out others' shortcomings.
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    Ghosts in the Bristol area

    Hey Matt, I'm just down the road from Bristol in Weston-super-Mare. I guess by "local ghost groups" you mean the Bristol Ghost Hunting group which I also approached a year or two ago and they basically told me to get lost as it was a closed group, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'd be well up for some...
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    Welsh UFO files
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    Realistic Dreams

    I've just remembered a couple of specific incidents that happened whilst I was lucid dreaming which were disturbing and which still freak me out a bit today. The first happened when I was living at my parents', and in my dream state instead of being in an unknown location I was actually there...
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    Realistic Dreams

    I also had lucid dreams before I'd ever heard the term. From my late teenage years on about once a month I'd just "know" that I was dreaming, and at that instant the dream would take on a hyper-reality where things were very much 3D - I could physically touch and feel the environment around...
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    Having young kids means I rarely get a good night's kip, and frequently when things erupt in the twighlight hours I try not to look at the clock because sooooo many times it's 3.33am which spooks me out. Anyway it happened again last night (or should that be this morning?) which made me revisit...
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    Toynbee Tiles

    Sorry to drag up such an old posting but I only just heard about the Toynbee Tiles at the weekend and find the subject fascinating. Does anyone know of the tiles ever made their way to the UK? I'd love to see one for real if they did.
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    American Horror Story

    I missed the first episode but have watched pretty much everything since. I find it intriguing as it treads a very fine line between being ridiculous and genuinely disturbing. Some of the imagery is really bizarre, like Monday night's Pig Man leaping out from behind a shower curtain, but...
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    The Walking Dead

    I just got round to watching the mid-season finale episode which was shocking and incredibly emotional, I thought they did a great job. Bit puzzled by the concept of a "mid-season finale" though!
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    The Shout

    Hi guys. There's a really bizarre/fascinating/disturbing film from the late '70s called "The Shout" starring John Hurt and Alan Bates (and a very youthful Tim Curry) which I highly recommend. You can see the full uninterrupted version on Youtube (just search for "The Shout 1978"). Has anyone...
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    Suggestions For A Good Read

    For good old fashioned chills I can heartily recommend "The Birthing House" by Christopher Ransom.
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    Miscellaneous Ghost Photos & Videos

    I love this, it's building up to be a classic thread! Redhead666 can you give us any more info on the "weird" stuff that's happened in that department?
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    Iain M. Banks: Upload For Everlasting Life

    I'm so glad someone's come out and said this! I've never read A Song of Stone but Banks is one of those writers who seems to always be writing about stuff I should really be interested in - sci-fi, mysteries, the human condition etc, but I just can't get engrossed in his writing style at all...
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    The Walking Dead

    Apparently the horse is now in a "stable" condition...
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    The Walking Dead

    Yeah I know, I've read the comics too. However the script writers didn't have to leave that bit in, but they obviously felt it tells you so much about the character it deserved to stay. I appreciated that sentiment and was pleasantly surprised they included it.
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    The Alien Movies

    Just read some blurb about the Alien prequel. I'd definitely pay to watch it, especially with Ridley Scott back at the helm, although some of the rumoured plot lines sound very strange. One of the things I loved about the original was the mystique around the crashed spaceship where they find...
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    The Alien Movies

    No he didn't inspire himself, but I think his "biomech" stuff inspired the director/producers or whoever to commission him to flesh out the Alien concept, which runs through the whole film's production. Someone will soon correct me if I'm wrong.
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    The Alien Movies

    I don't think anyone's mentioned the Giger-inspired look of the films yet, with that whole organic mechanoid thing going on. I was very young when Alien first came out, so only ever saw stills of the film in magazines and stuff, so what really stuck in my mind even before I got to watch it was...
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    The Alien Movies

    What really got under my skin about Alien and made it so intriguing was the whole "whatever you do you can't kill it" aspect. Then Aliens came along and all the space marines were merrily blasting the creatures to death which seemed strange, given how tough the original was to kill (okay granted...
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    The Walking Dead

    Spoiler alert if anyone's planning to watch this retrospectively! You're right the make up was spectacular, and I thought the two scenes with bike girl were genuinely horrifying, not because there was any sense of danger (she had no legs so wasn't exactly gonna chase him) but just in the way...
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    The Alien Movies

    The original Alien film was on the other night and as I hadn't seen it for 10 years or so I decided to watch it again. It had lost none of its horror in the years since it was released and I actually think it's a better film than its sequel, Aliens, which time and again recieves the plaudit of...
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    The Walking Dead

    Yep - tonight (Monday) and Wednesday, both at 11pm.
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    The Walking Dead

    Couldn't find a thread about last night's debut of the excellent Walking Dead series on FX - did anyone else see it? I stumbled across the trailer for this series on Youtube a few months ago and was so intrigued I went and bought the source comic book it's adapted from. The series is directed by...
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    A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss

    Re: The Blood on Satan's Claw I looked it up on Youtube after watching the programme and someone's uploaded the complete film, haven't got round to watching it yet but looking forward to it.
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    Real-Life 'Urban Legend' Purple Aki Jailed

    Dunno if this link will work but a band called The Suzuki Method have just released an EP and one of the songs is called "Purple Aki"! Wonder if he'll get any royalties...?
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    Minor Strangeness

    This is something that happened to me when I was very young, possibly five or six, and it's puzzled me to this day. At the time (probably about 1980) my family lived in a very old detached cottage on the edge of Budleigh Salterton in Devon. Lots of very odd things happened to various members...
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    Blood out of nowhere?

    Nice theory but I really don't think so. She has very fine blonde hair so I think I'd have spotted it. I looked after her for the whole day and gave her her evening bath, so I'm sure I'd have spotted that (plus she screams the flippin place down if she so much as grazes her knee!) I've since...
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    'Spooky' image caught on camera

    I actually think it looks pretty spooky I mean, c'mon guys, what do you want? A floating skeleton with glowing red eyes rattling some chains and going "Oooooooo mwaaaaa"!? It annoys me that any "ghost photography" which is blurry is immediately dismissed as "could be anything" then, when...
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    Blood out of nowhere?

    Hi Ghostkissedivory, thanks for your story. Very strange indeed as my daughter did have a calm, almost serene air about her, which is the complete opposite of how she normally acts. Just lately she's been a proper diva about every little thing, and the most minor of scratches/grazes (especially...
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    Blood out of nowhere?

    Hi, this happened at the weekend and although it's only a small incident it's left me scratching my head for any explanation. I was just leaving the house on Saturday morning and I shooed my two-year-old daughter out of the front door into the driveway and told her to stand by the car and...
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    "Ghost Village" (Imber) Bells Ring After 70 Years

    I'm sure FT covered the "ghost village" phenomena a year or three ago, just seen this on the BBC ... 976166.stm
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    After reading this thread yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night last night for no reason in particular, and was just turning over to go back to sleep when I caught sight of my bedside digital clock...which said 3.33am - I shit you not!!
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    Speaking of bodyclocks, has anyone else done that thing when you lightly pat your head against the pillow in order to make you wake up at a corresponding time (i.e. seven pats on the pillow if you want to wake up at seven)? It's not entirely reliable, but it definitely works! There's...
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    Cadburys Flake Lady Had An E And Went Mad

    I remember reading a newspaper report about the Flake girl in either the early or mid-90s (News of the World I think). I may be wrong, but I think this was around the time Leah Betts died after taking ecstasy (the tabloids at the time reported that it was the drug which killed her, turned out...
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    Have You Ever Had The Hell Scared Out Of You?

    Spookdaddy your story sent shivers down my spine too, but more for what wasn't described than what was. I've said it before on this forum, but to me it's always these slightly mundane scenarios which are most terrifying, because your imaginination is compelled to fill in the blanks. We'll never...
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    Something strange in my foot

    One day around Christmas when I was aged about nine or ten, my parents left me alone in the house playing with my new toys while they visited neighbours. After a little while I remember I developed a dull, painful ache in the heel of my right foot, which got worse and worse. I kept checking...
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    Talking to someone who's not really there

    Not sure if this will be allowed as it happened to a colleague of mine, not me. However the person in question is a very hard-nosed, no-nonsense businesswoman (let's call her Sarah) and I can't for the life of me think why she would make this up. Also, the creepiest thing about this story is...
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    Help needed finding a photo

    How strange - I was about to start a "phantom hands photos" thread when I saw this. Like previous comments these sorts of pictures freaked me out (and still do a bit) far more than any shadowy entity/blurry face/orb-like photos, though I'm not sure I can put my "finger" on the reason why (pun...
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    Winnie the Pooh-ssessed

    No no, he's still with me, in fact he's in the kitchen right now making us a nice cup of tea :lol: Seriously though I just don't remember, I think I was rapidly moving on to more boyish toys, lego, star wars etc so I think Pooh Bear just faded off the scene. It definitely wasn't an...