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  1. Roland Deschain

    FT magazines 2000 to 2017 free to collector

    I'm having a clear out and have Fortean Times Magazines from 2000 to now, most years complete plus some specials. Free to anyone who is willing to pick them up as it would seem a shame to recycle them. I'm located in Hastings, East Sussex.
  2. Roland Deschain

    Ghosts of the Glasgow Subway Beware! After reading this you may never want to catch the Subway again as ghouls have been terrorising Glaswegians for more than 120 years Sightings of ghosts and ghouls have been terrorising Glaswegians...
  3. Roland Deschain

    Hastings East Sussex report to local paper

    I suspect Chinese lanterns. There is a picture. Posted as its really really close to me so it got noticed!
  4. Roland Deschain

    Is This An Occult Symbol?

    I found this symbol while walking the dog. It was on a gate leading into woodland. We're a bit provincial round here and our yoofs don't go in much for tagging. I'm sure it has a prosaic explanation but I can't think of one.
  5. Roland Deschain

    The New Members' Thread

    OK so it's late, I'm quite possibly thick and I'm missing the introduction thread if there is one. Moderators please shunt this as appropriate. I'm a very long time lurker and one time commenter, my old account seems dead and quite frankly I would love to start over again anyway as I think I...