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  1. BlackPeter

    Is This Book Good?

    Yes read it when it came out would recommend it as a portrait of Fort and his life but it did strike me as stretching its material in places as little is known of some aspects of Forts life.
  2. BlackPeter

    Drone Disruption At Gatwick (Dec. 2018)

    I think it was probably weather balloons or a misidentification of the planet Venus
  3. BlackPeter

    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    Have watched the Doctor since the very first episode (1963?) thought this was very good.
  4. BlackPeter

    British Bigfoot?

    God - I remember the Early Warning siren going off by accident happened all over Coventry/Nuneaton area but had not thought of it for years!!
  5. BlackPeter

    People Who Have Never Read A Book

    Just read Gnomon (I have been a great fan of Harkaway since 'The Gone Away World') but honestly felt the author had lost his way with this one -too dragged out for too little reveal!
  6. BlackPeter

    Random/Peculiar Images

    Think it might be Crichton Tower on Gad Island in Lough Erne at Crom, County Fermanagh. The tower was used as an observation post for lough races. (not sure though!!)
  7. BlackPeter

    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    Think you have wrong Coleman!
  8. BlackPeter

    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    Nobody seems to have commented on the fact that an announcement has been made that the new Doctor will be revealed after the Wimbledon final - any late guesses? Personally still going with Olivia Colman (spelling?)
  9. BlackPeter

    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    I must be on a different wavelength from most people thought it was very clear what was going on (although there are obvious - presumably intentional - questions about the whole Missy/Master issue)! Also thought there was a quite clear hint dropped that the Doctor's next incarnation will be...
  10. BlackPeter

    Day of Weird in London

    From 'Dancers at the End of Time'? or am I wrong?!
  11. BlackPeter

    Shop Around: Tales Of Retail

    Yes, on an occasional and rather random basis...
  12. BlackPeter

    Shop Around: Tales Of Retail

    I HAVE been inside TK Maxx and once bought a strange but interesting book there called 'Fantasy Worlds' detailing a whole range of "worlds" created all in many countries by 'artists' often consisting of weird gardens crammed with bizarre sculptures.
  13. BlackPeter

    Timeslip In My Mind?

    Of course you could reverse engineer this and say mental time travel episodes cause epileptic conditions
  14. BlackPeter

    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    I think it really has to be a female doctor this time - Olivia Colman anybody?
  15. BlackPeter

    What NASA Ain't Showing Us On Mars

    Many years ago Arthur C Clarke wrote a story about exactly this - unfortunately cannot recall the title!
  16. BlackPeter

    Forgotten History

    Reading the title of this thread was suddenly reminded of the writer RA Lafferty who wrote fantasy/sf stories positing that whole sections of even comparatively recent history were corrupted in memory "were there eight Henrys or eighty?" anyone else remember this? (or is my memory false!!)
  17. BlackPeter

    Strange Dreams!

    Have indeed seen that episode but despite the similarities my dream predated it by many years!
  18. BlackPeter

    Strange Dreams!

    Most frighteningly realistic dream I ever had I was working in a hospital (I have nothing to do with the medical profession!) which I knew was on an airless alien world and was protected by some sort of force field. I was just finishing my shift and walking away down a long corridor when an...
  19. BlackPeter

    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    Thought it was very good dealt with some serious issues while playing games with the young adult format-also some clever monsters - thought the carnivorous cherry blossom was great!
  20. BlackPeter

    See A Penny, Pick It Up...

    A friend of mine who lived in an old cottage had one of those large glass jars (the kind that people grow ferns in) in his bedroom and every night he would empty his change into it until one night he was woken by a loud crash as the weight had built up until it went through the floor.
  21. BlackPeter


    Was listening to Dylan's Lily, Rosemary & The Jack of Hearts today and I am still sure Mr Zimmerman sings 'Rosemary took a cabbage into town'
  22. BlackPeter

    Classic Book for Sale: After Man, A Zoology of the Future

    Got that one (very good book) might be interested if anyone has a copy of the same authors 'Man after Man' book
  23. BlackPeter

    Weird Sex

    That's dead wrong that is
  24. BlackPeter

    Exhibition of imaginary friends

    I wonder how many were too weird to model?!
  25. BlackPeter

    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    Sorry to hear about Ecclestone hadn't heard:(
  26. BlackPeter

    The Thread Of Sherlock Holmes

    Just watched tonight's almost making sense until the coda - WTF!!
  27. BlackPeter

    The New Members' Thread

  28. BlackPeter

    Odd Sayings

    "There's note wrong with owt as long as mithering gibets don't clecketigrubbet!" Goodies episode about Master of Eckithump (a northern martial art) making fun of Kung Fu movies.
  29. BlackPeter

    Frogs & Toads Go Pop

    Bicarbonate of Soda? It certainly explodes seagulls.
  30. BlackPeter

    Top Hoaxing

    They're easy to spot though as they clearly have no idea what they are supposed to be doing! :)
  31. BlackPeter

    Weird Motorway Signs

    A Very Sad Person :D
  32. BlackPeter

    "Looper" Review: A Once In A Generation Sci-Fi Mas

    Well at least it wasn't as tedious as the dreadful 'Life of Pi' which i endured tonight.
  33. BlackPeter

    Growing Old—Death Approaches!

    I also recently had a moment in a pub when I felt very old, walked into pub in village of Baddersley Ensor where I used to go drinking and ordered a pint at the bar, looked round and said to landlord that it hadn't changed a bit since I was last in and then worked out that that was 40 years ago...
  34. BlackPeter

    Light Bulbs Unscrewing Themselves

    I had a set of light bulbs in my kitchen that regularly unscrewed themselves I worked out that it was caused by the heatng/cooling shrinking/expanding of the socket. :)
  35. BlackPeter

    Weird Weather

    Lack of rain over the summer?? Are you living in an alternate universe? This summer has been one of the wettest I remember. (and I am 4,000 years old!)
  36. BlackPeter

    "Looper" Review: A Once In A Generation Sci-Fi Mas

    Went to see it tonight at local (Burton on Trent) cinema. I always approach SF films with dread these days as they tend to be either (a) a shoot-em-up with outlandish weapons (b) an art house movie that probably has something to say but is unfortunately incomprehensible (c) a horror film in...
  37. BlackPeter

    Green & Blue

    Surely green is traditionally regarded as unlucky as it is the fairies colour?
  38. BlackPeter

    Last Exit To Tal Y Bont

    Alternate dimension? Wales? Definitely!
  39. BlackPeter

    Britain: A Nation of Immigrants

    This finding is hardly surprising as it is well known that the long established inhabitants of these islands consider themselves as English,Welsh,Irish.Scottish or even Cornish! rather than primarily 'British' immigrants do not belong to any of these tribes and therefore are more likely to feel...
  40. BlackPeter

    Hell exists...

    Slightly off thread but I always thought Jerry Pournelle & Larry Nivens take on the nature of Hell was very interesting see their books Inferno and Escape from Hell
  41. BlackPeter

    Godwin's Law

    Just the kind of thing Adolf Hitler would have said! :lol:
  42. BlackPeter

    Strange Sea "Blob" Caught on Camera

    As a zoologist I have to say the Alien skull shape is clearly based on a seal skull (Phocidae)
  43. BlackPeter

    The Graffiti & Street Art Thread

    I have always believed that I had seen most grafitti in different forms over the years (IE same basic content slightly different wording - to do with culture or era - for example a lot of graffiti found at ancient sites like Pompei & Herculaneum is almost exactly similar to writings you would...
  44. BlackPeter

    Buried Spitfires & Hitler's Gold

    Bizarre cincidence this story is currently on 'The One Show' :shock:
  45. BlackPeter

    Language Extinction / Endangered Languages

    I notice nobody has mentioned Manx still spoken in the Island but not recognised elsewhere. WE need a language comissar to make sure a significant number of UK signs are in Manx :)
  46. BlackPeter

    Minor Strangeness

    Sounds fishy to me you have got to be codding! This seems like the plaice to go for the fish puns record!