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  1. Xanatic*

    Is 'Vegan Meat' Just MEAT?

    It's like a nicotine patch for meat.
  2. Xanatic*

    Murdered Scientist Found In Nazi Bunker

    I read a novel recently where it turned out the nazis had created a superweapon virus, capable of killing millions, which had been kept hidden in a bunker to this day. As you were.
  3. Xanatic*


    Escargot: Can't you pose the palmistry hand so it's making a facepalm on the phrenology head?
  4. Xanatic*

    Mytho Needs To Write A Novel

    It is actually possible to write a novel while being on your ass. Many people have done so.
  5. Xanatic*

    Death Of Agriculture

    We also seem to be running out of phosphorus and other essential minerals for farming.
  6. Xanatic*

    It's Paedogeddon!

    No conviction yet as I recall. Let's be careful what we post.
  7. Xanatic*

    Jehovah's Witnesses Weirdness

    There are a lot of worse ways it can be done.
  8. Xanatic*

    Questioning Of Dog Witness To Murder Fails To Produce Leads

    The Texas Monitor has an article on a horse psychic. She even gets the horse to tell her about it's previous life, in spanish. Straight from the horse's mouth
  9. Xanatic*

    Films That Would Not Get Made Today

    In Leon I felt Reno and Portman had more of a father/daughter relationship. Did I miss something?
  10. Xanatic*

    Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film

    There is a US congressman called Denver Riggleman who apparently writes Bigfoot erotica.
  11. Xanatic*

    Beware Liquorice / Licorice!

    Hurray for ammonium chloride!
  12. Xanatic*

    Fortean Films

    That newest Tomb Raider movie, did it have any fortean elements?
  13. Xanatic*

    Jehovah's Witnesses Weirdness

    The JW are not keen on the whole blood drinking thing.
  14. Xanatic*

    Jehovah's Witnesses Weirdness

    Hey, everyone needs a bogeyman story. Keeps the kids in line.
  15. Xanatic*

    Strange Crimes

    "Zombies in Submarines" - The new movie from Syfy Channel!
  16. Xanatic*


    A turtle neck dickey is when you haven't been circumcised.
  17. Xanatic*

    Beware Liquorice / Licorice!

    Prisoners in swedish prisons are not allowed liqourice. Apparently it causes false positives in drug tests.
  18. Xanatic*

    Star Trek

    Bless: There are some things that makes more sense when you get further into the season.
  19. Xanatic*


    Yep, croatian fashion for keeping your shirtneck tied. It has also had different shapes, not always thin like now.
  20. Xanatic*

    What We AREN'T Being Told About Smoking

    Here in Sweden a more extensive smoking ban just took effect yesterday. It not seems to be not allowed anywhere except private land.
  21. Xanatic*

    Not Very Interesting Things That Happened Today

    For no particular reason, I was thinking about the comic book character Sabretooth. I knew from when I was a kid that he had some connection to Wolverine, but not sure what. Out of curiosity I looked up his fictional history online. It didn't seem weird at first untill a bit further down when...
  22. Xanatic*

    Royal News

    The norwegian princess Märtha Louise, who already thinks she can talk with angels, is dating a self-declared shaman.
  23. Xanatic*

    Tales Of A Flat Earth

    I hope that football club will play with a disc-shaped football at their matches.
  24. Xanatic*

    What We AREN'T Being Told About Smoking

    I was planning to take up pipe smoking at 50.
  25. Xanatic*

    Organoid Mini Brain Grown In Lab

    Neanderthals had quite large brains actually. I figure we can use the mini neanderthal brains as personal assistants. So instead of just Siri or Alexa, you can also have Grok.
  26. Xanatic*

    Organoid Mini Brain Grown In Lab

    There's been talk of doing the same with neanderthal brains. Small, lab-grown versions.
  27. Xanatic*

    Time To Pause And Ask A Question Of Relativity

    If a planck length is the smallest measureable distance, might not spacetime be made of discrete planck pixels instead a continuum?
  28. Xanatic*

    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    I'm on the bus sitting next to 13 year old girls flicking through dating apps. What are the parents doing?
  29. Xanatic*

    J.R.R. Tolkien

    Wasn't there a delay of several hundreds of years between those things in our world as well?
  30. Xanatic*

    Mime-Artist Vanishes With The Money Of Fête-Goers Who Paid To Guess His Identity

    Smart fellow. I hope the police can track him down, mostly because a police versus mime showdown could be hilarious.
  31. Xanatic*

    The MMR Vaccine & Its Alleged Risks

    I got that little yellow book when I got vaccinated before my recent trip to South America.
  32. Xanatic*

    Dogs More Intelligent Than Cats

    I thought he meant Tolkien.
  33. Xanatic*

    Fire Erupting During Surgery (On The Surgical Table!)

    I was thinking more in general terms. That could be a common cause for flambéd innards.
  34. Xanatic*

    Fire Erupting During Surgery (On The Surgical Table!)

    Wouldn't some surgeries involve some cauterisation? Perhaps that could ignite things?
  35. Xanatic*

    Political Correctness Rides Again

    The ass should absorb much of the chemicals from the smoke, it's been used medically. The flavour of the smoke might not come to it's full rights though.
  36. Xanatic*

    Political Correctness Rides Again

    So you stick the vape in your ass and keep it above the waterline?
  37. Xanatic*

    Who Would Populate A Sister Planet ?

    I hear Titan is nice this time of year.
  38. Xanatic*

    Political Correctness Rides Again

    Enough sports padding.
  39. Xanatic*

    Who Would Populate A Sister Planet ?

    I think we have to screw up quite royally here before Mars will be a better option than Earth.
  40. Xanatic*

    Who Would Populate A Sister Planet ?

    Venus is the sister planet, Mars is the bro planet.
  41. Xanatic*

    U.S. Sizing Up Iran?

    A related question, why would you attack someone with mines? Isn't the point of a mine to stay put and the ships approach it, not the other way around?
  42. Xanatic*

    Who Would Populate A Sister Planet ?

    Human's desire for exploration is overrated. Many of the exploration vessels of the past were crewed by convicts or people just in it for a paycheck.
  43. Xanatic*

    Who Would Populate A Sister Planet ?

    The plumbers could be either really.
  44. Xanatic*

    Who Would Populate A Sister Planet ?

    Some plumbers would be useful.
  45. Xanatic*

    Who Would Populate A Sister Planet ?

    I don't see it as a benefit, just a likelihood.
  46. Xanatic*

    Who Would Populate A Sister Planet ?

    Prisoners perhaps, or mormons.
  47. Xanatic*

    U.S. Sizing Up Iran?

    In medieval times siege was usually preferable to battle.
  48. Xanatic*

    Fortean Headlines

    Man pees from bridge, four people injured. Pee wee helmuth
  49. Xanatic*

    Mysterious White Light On Mars Seen In Images Taken By Curiosity Rover

    Yes, Morse seems unlikely. It could be the sun reflecting off a touch of Frost.
  50. Xanatic*

    The Secret World Of Tibet

    I wasn't able to find it but do we have a thread about the claims of tibetan monks using sound to make things levitate?